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    I'm on my Q10 again after spending almost a year with my Z30. Unfortunately my Q has the dreaded double typing issue. In my case, the "A" key is the problem. Seems stuck...you barely touch it and it starts typing the letter A all over the place. So when I started using it last week, I naturally got really annoyed the first day when I tried to type anything. I used my old workarounds like voice dictation and autocorrect. But that just didn't cut it with constant use. So out of desperation, I used my fingernails to sort of pull on the A key. I dug into the spaces around it and pulled on it, almost like I was trying to pull it out but at the same time being careful to NOT do that. Anyway, I did this 3 times within those first 24 hours of use. The issue is still there but it has improved dramatically! Now I can actually use the phone full-time again! I just have to be very careful when I am typing to not touch that A key. And when I do want to type an A, I just touch the key instead of pushing it. If I pushed it I would prob get several "A"s in each word. Haha. Anyway, sorry this is so long. But I thought this might help someone out there who has given up on their Q like I had. The double typing problem SUCKS. And this didn't completely fix it but it is definitely MUCH better now.

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    03-28-15 11:51 PM
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    Very helpfull indeed

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    03-29-15 12:20 AM
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    What you're describing is soda or something dripped onto that key. Beneath the key and the little push pad, the sticky residue does not want to release the key and the result is a bunch of repeated aaaaa's.

    Do what you did with a stretched out q-tip and some rubbing alcohol and clean between those two surfaces and your aaaaa problem will be solved.

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    03-29-15 11:10 AM

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