1. Empyrean's Avatar
    So I don't know about you, fellow CrackBerry citizens, but I've been doing some serious nesting like a bun-in-oven mother-to-be in the finishing stretch of her third trimester in anticipation of Quentin's (that's what I've named him.. Li'l Q for short) arrival.

    I went through a beautiful song-and-dance ordeal with my provider's retention department and got a nice bump up in my phone plan (specifically data) and have been doing a lot of debating between buying a 32GB or 64GB microSDHC now or waiting closer to the date... lol.

    As an aside - part of wrestling with retention involved speaking to either retention or sales at Rogers, Telus, Virgin, and Fido and none of them had any conclusive date or price on the Q10. Oddly enough a lot of them expected a lower price than the Z10 and a couple "Maybe 2 weeks or so?" responses on timeline.

    Anyone else slowly making preparations for their new arrival? :P
    04-02-13 01:30 AM
  2. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    German tech press was also reporting a slightly lower pricetag for the Q10 compared to the Z10. I am not too sure whether this turns out to be true or not.
    As for the release date, I still hope we'll see a more or less global launch starting 2nd half of April. BBRY reps more or less stated on three events the Q10 will launch sometime late April or early May the latest. Since BBRY tweeted just yesterday April is now the "Month of the keyboard" due to Q10,, I got my hopes up we can have it in our hands by the end of this month.
    04-02-13 02:10 AM

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