1. sandra_17's Avatar
    Just had the most hilarious chat w/VZW!


    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 0 secs.

    Add a tablet to the Share Everything plan for only $10/mo no contract commitment - data only plans starting at $30 monthly access! Ask me how.

    Your RealTime session ID is RT18037704019.
    You are now chatting with 'Sabrena'

    Sabrena: Hi! My name is Sabrena with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?

    You: Hi, my name is Sandra.

    You: I see the BlackBerry Z10 is available for pre-order. Can you tell me when it will be shipped if I pre-order it today?

    Sabrena: Will be shipped out on March 28,2013

    You: When will it be available for purchase in the stores?

    Sabrena: That we don't know.

    You: Also, do you know when the BlackBerry Q10 will be available, either for pre-order or purchase in the store?

    Sabrena: We have no and I mean NO info on that phone whatsoever.


    You: OK. Sounds like you're certain, LOL!

    Sabrena: Sorry. We been getting a lot inquires about that phone and the Galaxy 4s and we don't know anything. They don't tell us because we will talk under pressure.

    You: Haha! Wish I knew that up front!

    Sabrena: (laughing)

    Sabrena: Saved on typing huh

    Sabrena: I want to make sure you have the best experience possible today with our chat service. Did you have any additional questions for me today?

    Sabrena: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless; I'm glad I was able to help you today! At the end of this chat there is an opportunity for you to provide your feedback based on your experience with me today and to receive a copy of the chat. We would very much appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you for chatting with us, visit our Online Workshops to learn more about your devices. Click "Close" to tell us how we did today via our survey.
    03-16-13 05:17 PM
  2. Suhailone's Avatar
    shoulda asked her what that mouth do
    tre5tackz likes this.
    03-17-13 12:57 AM

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