1. muddassarhbk's Avatar
    couldn't find viber 10 for blackberry q10..
    can anyone help me with that?
    05-17-14 10:06 AM
  2. Thalakar's Avatar
    couldn't find viber 10 for blackberry q10..
    can anyone help me with that?
    They never came out with a version for Q10 as of yet

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    05-17-14 10:10 AM
  3. FobiddenRiceman's Avatar
    Use the apk it's identical
    05-19-14 02:07 AM
  4. Rangel Hristov's Avatar
    When I was on 10.2.0 it didn't show up in BlackBerry World but after I upgraded to 10.2.1 it appeared.

    Request for help to Crackberry team or users:

    I have two z30 upgraded to 10.2.1.

    The first one had viber via Snap and worked nice. I uninstalled it, deleted everything I could find for Viber with the File manager app and installed "viber 10" from the BlackBerry world. The BlackBerry world version doesn't want to go, it says "error" after the screen where I am supposed to enter my number

    On the other hand, the second z30 didn't have viber ever and the installation went fine, it works fine now.

    I don't understand why, anyone could help me find out how to make Viber 10 work on the first z30?

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    05-20-14 01:34 PM
  5. Rangel Hristov's Avatar
    Hey, guys, I solved it ))))

    If you used before viber:

    1. Uninstall the BlackBerry World version;
    2. Install again Viber from APK, activate it and when ready go to Viber settings - Privacy - Deactivate account;
    3. Uninstall the APK version of Viber;
    4. Install again Viber 10 from BlackBerry World;
    5. After you enter your number wait for a while (the sms never comes) and request the code via phone call;
    6. Enter the code and enjoy

    Posted via CB10
    05-20-14 02:19 PM

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