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    Hello Everyone
    One of my close relative in Europe asked me about a smartphone with physical keyboard. While is really hard these days to find a smartphone with and no full touch screen, I suggested Blackberry (Q10). Im not really sure If T-Mobile in EU and unlocked Q10 bought in US would work. I'm also a little concern about Q10. Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 even its an old generation phone is really easy to use(with tool belt etc..) My Relative believe or not is still using an old generation Nokia, and honestly She doesn't need all Apps and She is not tech savvy either. She just need a smartphone with internet connection and few basic apps So we could chat or talk using some apps like 'whatsup' etc... Personally I'm using Q10 and I know that You need some time to get to used to, to all the swiping and gesture on Q10. I was just wondering If anyone have had experience with using US BB in EU and if it worked with EU carriers. There is also a problem with charging as far I know US chargers wont work in EU. So my question is, it a good idea to buy unlocked Q1O or Bold in US as a gift? and no idea which phone Q10/Bold 9900 would be better for a woman. Thnx
    05-24-15 10:12 PM
  2. to boldly go's Avatar
    The charger plugs are interchangeable so that part doesnt matter, you can get her the right adapter. IMO, though, it might be better to buy online and not necessarily a US version, and especially not one previously branded to ATnT. I would go new not refurb, just cuz.

    I purposely bought a 3G Q5 to play with (also did that on my second Z10), and it is a great phone with no history of the double-typing problem, which is why i steered away from the Q10. My first BB is the 9900 and i do not recommend that over the Q5. Both have great keyboards although not equal, the Bold keyboard is amazing, but i find the Q5 keyboard just as good to type on. My reason for recommending the Q5 is the old OS of the Bold is a minus, and the prices are comparable, perhaps the Bolds tend to sell for more even now.

    I vote 3G Q5 over 4G LTE just because for reasons unknown to me it runs more stable. For me. This is all i know from my experience.
    05-24-15 11:51 PM
  3. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    You need to check the Q10 model number. The SQN100-1 is sold in the US, the SQN100-3 in Europe.
    See Q10 Models: BlackBerry Q10 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    GSM World Frequencies: GSM World Coverage Map- GSM Country List by frequency bands
    Just about every consumer device charger now supports both 120 and 220 Volts.
    05-25-15 12:38 AM
  4. ma678's Avatar
    Maybe Q5 is a better choice.

    Posted via CB10
    05-25-15 12:59 AM
  5. fabio1's Avatar
    Hi there SQN100-3 will be great in UK / Europe, looks like pure class and works well with 10.3 update
    05-25-15 01:31 AM
  6. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    Maybe Q5 is a better choice. Posted via CB10
    You can't beat the Q5 SQR100-2 for value, and no one has complained about the double typing issue on a Q5. Put it in a case and it looks very nice..
    05-25-15 09:28 AM
  7. kk s's Avatar
    Thank You very much for info. I didn't even think about Q5 before. Q5 is not popular in US, Im not even sure where You can buy one besides shopblackberry.com. As far I know Q5 doesn't have tool belt like Q10 right? . I don't have any problems with double typing on Q10. Thank You for letting me know about 2 versions of Q10 US and EU. Thnx
    05-26-15 12:02 AM
  8. BoldPreza's Avatar
    Q5 I think like the other posters are saying would be your best bet and definitely cheaper to buy. Check around on pricing though they can be had for next to nothing. Just have to find the right outlet.

    Posted via CB10
    05-26-15 07:16 AM

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