05-22-14 08:29 AM
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  1. lixianbin's Avatar
    Hi, I have q10 on sprint, If I update to 10.2 will it unlock my device to use gsm network, because it is locked ti cdma network, and when I put my gsm sim it says the sim card is not supported and there is no unlock network option.
    Did you have the solution? If yes please let me know.

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    03-05-14 02:35 AM
  2. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    I wouldn't try using a SIM card. It takes a few days to ship and then when you do get it, the update might not even come through. This happened to me because my phone is locked. I'm not sure if the results would be different with unlocking the phone (I tried it just before the House decision to allow unlocking).

    I'd update to 10.2.1 using Sachesi. It only took 2-3 hours for me to completely backup my phone and install it. And I might be wrong, but I think you can still use your device while updating through Sachesi.

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    03-05-14 07:45 AM
  3. Lachezar Georgiev's Avatar
    Someone, fix the problem with Sprint Q10 sim card problem?
    05-22-14 08:29 AM
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