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    I've tried every measure found available on Blackberry's websites and none work. Link keeps saying my there is no software "update" available for my BB Q10 but there actually seems like there's no software in it at all.

    I have the constant issue of the screen showing a little phone, USB and computer monitor.

    I've tried all measures possible and am still unable to "reload" my software.

    While my actual computer screen will tell me how the Q10 is configured, "My Computer" (as it used to be called) doesn't recognized the device.

    I just don't what to do next. I believe I've tried every measure out there. The reason I was deleting my FB and messenger is that they were conflicting radomly with other devices (FaceBook isn't exactly prime software for a Blackberry anyway... doesn't work well, IMO).

    Please help me to restore my Blackberry. It just couldn't be this complicated. I've gone through Blend, Link, check for updates, etc. with battery, without battery, via USB, via BlueTooth. Every way I can even think of and have been to every single page I can find (I'm sure I'm missing ONE! The one I need).

    Blackberry refuses to help me as my phone is older than 30 days and I don't purchased locked phones (NEVER!) so I can't go to a service provider.

    I would so appreciate if you could advise me on some route I've NOT taken. With every single phone I've ever had, all I to do is go to the manufacturer's website and download the software. I got my first cell phone in 1987.... an OkiData.

    I appreciate someone trying to help. This just doesn't make any sense at all. I keep getting feedback that my phone's OS isn't supported and that's makes absolutely no sense. Unless there's something VERY severely wrong with it and I've only used it about 4 or 5 times (due to the photo quality that I needed at that time).

    Thank you very much.

    11-02-15 10:42 PM
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    You sound pretty frustrated. A few things to clarify first.

    Does your phone currently power on/off or is it frozen in computer link mode despite being disconnected from your PC?
    What led you to try and reinstall your OS?
    Was your FB a native or a sideloaded app and how did you uninstall it?
    Did you attempt to reload your OS by WiFi and did you remove your SIM card prior to doing so?
    Did you interrupt the update process at any time?

    If you have tried a forced reset without any resolution you may need to reinstall your OS.
    Check out the following links and if they don't help make sure to describe so in this thread as there are a couple of additional options available... and try to be patient when updating the OS. Restarts can take 30 minutes or longer but don't interrupt the process? Good luck!



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    11-02-15 11:56 PM
  3. Kitten219's Avatar
    Thank you very much for responding, Lusitano!

    To answer your questions....

    Does your phone currently power on/off or is it frozen in computer link mode despite being disconnected from your PC?
    I can power the phone on and off but when powered on, it goes always displays the computer link mode, even when no where near the PC.

    What led you to try and reinstall your OS?
    Nothing whatsoever worked on my Q10 after deleting Facebook and Messenger from it.

    Was your FB a native or a sideloaded app and how did you uninstall it?
    The native FB was a big problem. The other one (that I actually installed using Firefox, which I got to work on the Blackberry, believe it or not, wasn't. The NATIVE one caused a lot of issues such as putting ALL of my FB contacts into my phone book (didn't want them there) with incorrect names and numbers. A little garbage can showed up on the screen and I just dragged it over and dumped it in. Did the same with the contacts. Then the phone just wouldn't work any longer so decided to start fresh.

    Did you attempt to reload your OS by WiFi and did you remove your SIM card prior to doing so?
    I attempted to reload the OS only via USB cable from my Windows 7 Pro PC. Wifi was on both the Q10 and my PC. I don't keep a SIM card in the Q10 due to the sould quality (people can't hear me talk and I can't hear them...I actually own a total of 5 cell phones). The Q10 is primarily for organization as it is more businesslike and simplistic than other devices.
    Did you interrupt the update process at any time?
    By "interrupt", I cannot answer that with proper knowledge because everytime I'd try to "reload" the phone the PC would say "there are no updates available" but it WOULD see my phone. The longest I sat around waiting for it to actually do something was close to 3 hours. At first I interrupted it a few times as it didn't appear to be doing anything. Last time I waited a GOOD three hours and just gave up.

    As of today, I tried turning it on again and it's STILL exhibits that "phone to USB to PC" image when turned on. It will say "Blackberry" for a TINY fraction of a second and then go right into that.

    I will try the links you advised but if they are forums, I've already asked the same question only to keep getting the same answers. I have a feeling that people don't much like the Q10 OR that mine upgraded itself BY itself and that's why I cannot reinstall the OS (I say that because there were a couple of short tempered comments on blackberry's forum... I got the feeling that I was spreading word a bit too wide that there are ISSUES with the product that Blackberry refuses to aknowledge and take ownership of. I tried them yesterday too... they won't help at all.
    11-03-15 12:27 PM
  4. Lusitano17's Avatar
    It doesn't appear that you've done anything really out of the ordinary although I'm not familiar with the firefox app install process.
    Best to keep things simple and check the links out. They include simple steps that usually correct most OS issues.
    First try the soft reset method. If it doesn't work try a hard reset by removing battery while phone is on, waiting about 20 seconds and reinstalling it.

    If these steps fail you may very well have to do a fresh OS reinstall.

    If you can access settings you can also try a security wipe but like a fresh install you will lose any data stored on device.

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    11-03-15 02:05 PM
  5. Lusitano17's Avatar
    I should also have asked if your BlackBerry Link is functional on your PC.
    If it does come to the point where you feel you need to reinstall your OS try the "factory reset" process available in the BACK Up & Restore function. Hopefully you can resolve this whole problem with the soft or hard resets.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 02:35 PM
  6. Kitten219's Avatar
    Wow! Lusitano! This is really the challenge of my life. I've tried all the little tricks including the hard and soft resets. Yes, the BlackBerry Link is fully functional on my PC (though I uninstalled it and reinstalled it today thinking it might be corrupt). It DOES recognize my BlackBerry but same thing again... says there are no updates available but DOES first tell me it's reloading the device and I'm sitting here once again with the green light turned on on the BlackBerry but I really don't see anything happening, just like so many times before. I'm not sure about this backup and restore function. I don't think I've anything to lose in trying it though. Well, on the bright side of things, I think anyone would be foolish to steal someone's BlackBerry (though someone DID steal two of mine in a garage break in).

    It's quite the challenge to get this going. I'll try backup and restore... might even be able to do that from Windows... well, IF it would just read the BlackBerry as an external "mass storage device" like it does almost everything else one plugs into a USB port.

    I will continue to keep you posted. I've tried every method recommended to me and none work. There are SO VERY many threads and such on this subject across the internet that I'm quite confident I'm not the only one with this issue.

    The most recent pop up that I got said "device software successfully installed". Don't know what that could mean as I still can't actually operate the little monster (I'm renaming the BlackBerry Q10 to "Creature from the BlackBerry Lagoon"). Well... one has to maintain a sense of humor or go nuts.

    I'll try the back up and restore but seems to me like if the green light is ON on the BlackBerry SOMETHING is going on... just goes on for hours and hours.

    Hmmm.... I'm wondering if I should plug it right into my modem and sort of "jump start it" from there... of course that could cause MORE problems. I'll be patient and exhaust all other options before doing something like that. I think the ISP is missing out of it but that really should not stop it from working. RIght out of the box one gets a screen and icons.

    I'll keep at it! Maybe I'll be able to help others if I can finally get it going.

    Thanks! Will let you know THE MINUTE I can get something other than "BlackBerry" flashing across the screen like with the soft and hard resets.

    There was mention of a hole in the back of some that one can stick a paper clip into... all I can find on mine is a hole on the bottom which I THINK is actually the speaker (not sure). Well, no one could ever hear me talk on it anyway so probably wouldn't hurt anything. There were bugs in it since day one... I just didn't know enough to recognize that there were.
    11-03-15 03:54 PM
  7. Kitten219's Avatar
    Um.... Hope I'm not speaking too soon but I just got a message saying "device is ready to use" YET the screen on the BlackBerry still has "cell-USB-puter" thing on it. Green light is off though. WONDER if I should try it!?!?!?!
    11-03-15 04:09 PM
  8. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Don't jumpstart it with your router and don't look for holes...Won't find them and don't use Windows to remove any apps or software. You will likely create more problems.

    You may have your problem solved if you received the message you have but...

    Power up your device and make sure it's NOT connected by USB or WiFi to your computer. Switch that service off in your settings...then do ONE soft reset by holding the power button down until the red light flashes and your phone reboots.

    You really should have your problem solved with steps you have taken. I've been informed that a system reset can take up to several hours although I've never had to wait for than 45 mins and it is quite possible that you might have interrupted the process even when you had been waiting for the length of time mentioned. Unfortunately if you did prematurely interrupt an update it can corrupt your OS and the only repair is a reinstall. Good luck again.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 04:50 PM
  9. Kitten219's Avatar
    I'm sorry to report that it didn't work. I'm starting to speculate that the reason COULD be that I have Advanced System Care Pro 8 in my Windows 7 Pro. I think I had it once before and at that time I remember a LOT of problems downloading software and installing programs. They (as I'm SURE you already know) invade your computer, telling you that you are buying the whole year of premium service for $60 or $70 and then they NEVER stop calling (I've put them on call block).

    Just a hunch.... but I'm trying ONE more thing because the software from "Deposit Files" would properly execute (at least not that I could see) so I'm downloading an older version of it as I KNOW I never updated my Blackberry. I can't find the documents that came with it and reading the information under the battery is IMPOSSIBLE without a microscope.

    The things that I'm going to do this time are:

    1) Disable my Kaspersky (so that there's no firewall to interrupt).
    2) Delete the ASC8 (as I've been programming Windows/IBM (originally) products for YEARS... just like the convenience but more trouble than they are worth).
    3) Install the older version of the BB software.
    4) Disconnect the phone from the computer entirely... put a newly charged battery in.
    5) Follow your boot up instructions to a TEE. If after that, I'm still toast. Maybe I'll just send you the phone and you can play with it (and keep it, of course... for your future reference).

    I DO have a phone to use. It's an Android and they are really, IMO, good to chat on and post FaceBook photos from (I have an Octocore that I bought from iOcean... it ROCKS! But every phone has it's own special uses and I just can't live without my BlackBerry as well).

    On that note... I DID try taking the SIM card out of the iOcean and putting it into the BlackBerry last night to try and call it. It jwent to voice mail. When I put it back into the iOcean, weird things happened to the iOcean but they were IMMEDIATELY recoverable.

    You're absolutely right though... don't start playing mad scientist with phones, lithium batteries and electricity. The best that might happen is that I permanently ruin the phone (and it is NOT ruined at this point, I'm POSITIVE of that)... the worst is that injury, fire, battery explosion, well.... a host of things can happen based on my experience in learning programming.

    I'm downloading the older version of the OS as I'm almost positive I answered a post in Amazon very recently about the update of the OS and found that it wasn't feasible for the EXISTING BlackBerry Q10's that have both the English and Arabic keyboards (don't know why, I was just asked the question, check it out, answered it and that was that). I think it's possible that my BlackBerry updated itself and even had I NOT deleted Facebook and those contacts, I might be sitting in the same position as now.

    Again... you've been so patient with me and helpful. It's almost like sitting through a suspense movie to find out what the outcome will be. I PROMISE I will let you know. If I can't get it running, like I said, maybe I'll just send it to you for your research as I've just so much happening right now that the EXTREMELY "OCD" personality type I have when things go awry and can't fix them get much in the way.

    At least I can repay your kindness with you being able to say "hooray! I fixed it!". That would be very cool to know. At least I can purchase an older BlackBerry somewhere for my needs right now (Androids DO drive me nuts... they are more like toys, IMO).

    Going to be another 1 1/2 hours on the next download according the the status.

    Thanks! Karen (Kitten)
    11-03-15 05:31 PM
  10. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Darn too bad and very frustrating for you I'm sure.

    I'm not convinced that your computer is the issue and given that you've exhausted most of the typical steps in restoring your phone it's probably best to use the BlackBerry Link program on your computer to reload the OS from a clean slate.

    You didn't come across as feeling to comfortable with this suggestion but it really is the next step in correcting things. If you choose to go this route open up " back up and restore" and then use the " factory reset" prompt. This process will take some time and the green light will be off/on for a while but let it run its course(??hours??).

    There are other alternatives to installing a new OS that require autoloaders and downloadable software but they can be intimidating to a "new" user. If you want to go those routes I can direct you to the appropriate links.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 06:11 PM
  11. Joshu42's Avatar
    If you choose to go this route open up " back up and restore" and then use the " factory reset" prompt.
    "Factory reset" doesn't reload the OS (aka reinstall all of it). To reload th OS with Link, search for this option in the Preferences menu, top right of the window
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    11-04-15 04:25 PM
  12. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't accurately describe the difference between a reset and a reinstall. Hopefully OP doesn't need to go to these lengths.
    11-04-15 05:16 PM
  13. Kitten219's Avatar
    I've totally, almost just about, given up. I've tried everything. Just everything. I can't make my Q10 work to save my life.

    It's not been used but a couple of times. I bought it 7 months ago and then bought an Android as I needed it to take photos of my little one, who was dying and the photo quality on the Q10 just isn't there.

    Now that I want the "normalcy" of a non-toy phone, my Q10 won't work. I won't be buying another BlackBerry as I'm VERY disappointed is how shockingly RUDE they are! I got someone on the phone several times and they just hang up.

    That must be why they've lost market share. Um... that is, got pummeled in terms of market share. A shame too as the product was always so great. I've had a lot of phone and have NEVER had one actually just die. I still HAVE an OKI phone from 1987! It didn't die... just got old!

    Thank you all for your attempts at helping me. I threw one last thread up synopsizing the issue and am just hoping for a new idea before I toss the phone and it's batteries, travel charger and case. I never even got to use it.

    12-01-15 02:03 PM
  14. Kitten219's Avatar
    There is no backup and restore option there. I don't know why. I have created a whole bunch of log files. Don't have a clue what they mean. There is much data in them though. They are right off the phone. The computer can DEFINITELY see the phone and read the phone but same story every time. The phone ---> USB --- Computer image shows up on BlackBerry.
    12-01-15 02:16 PM
  15. Kitten219's Avatar
    You're right that it's not my computer. I took the phone to another computer and went through all the gyrations and it wouldn't work there either.

    ANY links would be helpful.

    I turned the phone on with the green light and nothing happened for almost 2 days and I finally gave up on that as my computer was overheating.
    12-01-15 02:20 PM
  16. Kitten219's Avatar
    You're right that it's not my computer. I took the phone to another computer and went through all the gyrations and it wouldn't work there either.

    ANY links would be helpful.

    I turned the phone on with the green light and nothing happened for almost 2 days and I finally gave up on that as my computer was overheating.
    12-01-15 02:36 PM
  17. Kitten219's Avatar
    Hi! I wanted to let you know that I so very much appreciate all of your efforts!

    I NEVER did give up on the Q10 even after Blackberry THEMSELVES couldn't fix the phone.

    I got lucky last night here in Crackberry and someone posted an autoloader that liked me (!). I'm still quite dumbfounded as the phone actually WORKS now!

    I think I was driving everyone here, there, and everywhere absolutely crazy in my quest to get that phone operational again. It is working now! Still is quite scary how that whole situation happened to start with though. I guess the lesson to be learned is that one MUST back up information regularly. We often get too secure in believing things like this don't/won't happen yet it did and I'm STILL, to this minute, bothered by the fact that a Blackberry could be remotely accessed like that (without my doing). All I can even figure is that maybe a portal was opened in Facebook or something... I hardly even used the Q10 though but devices do mysterious things even when turned off.

    I wanted to tell you that I so very much appreciate the time you took trying to help me and I'm sorry for how frustrating it became. Only after I learned to wipe the phone and use the proper autoloader with the proper zip unzipper software did it come to life.

    I've already learned so very much from so many people in Crackberry! Now I'm a Crackberry Addict! LOL!
    02-03-16 06:40 PM

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