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    Dear All
    I've been using Nokia E7 for quite sometime. What a piece of rubish! Anyway, I think it's because that I've been so lazy and a bit scared of moving from one phone to another. Anyway, today I got a BlackBerry Q10. However I can't put aside my old Nokia phone as I've got vital data and information on its calendar programme. Having spent hours, I finally managed to put eveything in one ".vcs" file which is about 5mb. So, here's the problem. How can I import this file into my new BlackBerry Q10 calendar? I've got BlackBerry Link installed on the PC and I tried to move the file into the new phone and run it from the device but nothing happens. I'm really frustrated!
    Your very kind response and advice is highly appreciated.
    11-01-18 03:42 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry......

    You do realize that BB10 support is officially dropped in 14 months. If you don’t like changing phones, you should probably not become too attached with BB10 devices. If you really want a PKB device, the KEY line, offers something for about every pricepoint.
    11-01-18 08:00 AM
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    Thanks for the response. This phone is belonged to my Dad and I'm going to stick to it for a while. Any comments about my question, by the way?
    11-01-18 08:46 AM
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    It may be best to approach this by moving your existing calendar data into a cloud server and then use that to sync with your Q10. I use Google (for personal) and an MSexchange client (for work); both sync to my Q10. In that way, you are more flexible / future-proof when transferring to your next phone. You can also easily access the same data on other multiple devices, laptops etc. I think that most people will now snyc calendar & contact data via the cloud, rather than store only on the device.

    Here is one approach
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    11-03-18 04:31 AM
  5. mushroom_daddy's Avatar
    Another good cloud sync service is Memotoo (link below). Although you need to pay a subscription to get the most from this, which I do, you may be able to use the free trial options to achieve transfer of your calendar data to the Q10; it will depend on how much data you have.


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    11-03-18 04:42 AM
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    Many thanks for the response. I do appreciate it. Cheers
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    11-08-18 01:29 AM

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