04-11-14 07:37 PM
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  1. anon(6174160)'s Avatar
    I sold the Q10 and returned to the 9900 (which is another story for another thread), but in line with this thread, I use both 9900 (daily driver) and iPhone 5. Both have their own SIMs. I have been using the iPhone since its inception in 2007, and BB from 2011 (?) and the 1st one was 9700. While I loved 9780 (my 2nd BB), I always felt insecure without an iPhone, as BB did (and does) have some limitations. But as an email and PIM device, I realized the BB was the most convenient and efficient device. If I have to choose one, iPhone is the one, as it can cover every possible usage pattern, communications and media consumptions.
    I used to carry 2 together, a daily driver in my shirt pocket, and other in my hip pocket or a jacket pocket, depending on the season. I hate to carry any in a holster. Lately, when I drive, I throw in the iPad Mini in my car (no iPhone), and only carry the 9900, and can get by with it. I analyzed my pattern of cellphone usage, and 80% or more time, I only need email/texting/phone and other PIM functions (calendar and contacts etc). I used to carry iPhone for internet or display intensive apps such as Googling and map etc. For occasional quick checks of something on Google, I can still get by most of the time by 9900, although it's slow. I do not watch movie or play game etc in any of my devices, which makes things easier. But to answer the thread question, I carry both in my pockets separately, as it is most convenient to pull out. 9900 is bare and IP5 in a skin case. BTW, I do have a holster for my IP5 and it's the one for the Z10, lol. IP5 with a skin case fit so perfectly in there.
    Lately, my 2nd SIM resides more in my iPad Mini, rather than in iPhone 5. I established this philosophy that if you need a larger screen and fast rendering etc, you really should skip to a tablet size device. Cell phone should stay strictly "portable" and "palm sized" for communications purpose.
    What you can also do is use skype for voip on whatever ipad mini or ipod touch. Tether that to your BB.
    07-16-13 12:28 AM
  2. anon(6174160)'s Avatar
    I came to a conclusion some time ago that having the "other smartphone" as a multimedia one is a compromise. If you are going to have the 2nd phone because you need a larger display, you should really consider an iPad Mini size tablet. You carry 2 phones together and how many times you have to use the "other" multimedia phone? Not many in my case, and when it does occur, it's usually because you are out and about in a car etc, in which case, you just toss in a tablet. I used to have a peace of mind of sorts when I was carrying both, but it depends on how you use the phone. I use phones mostly for business, but I can't imagine myself streaming video or running movies in relatively tiny smartphone screen, even if it's 5". Phablet is a typical compromise, and very inconvenient to use in either way, i.e., too big as a phone, and rather small for a tablet.
    Depends on what you need. There is no denying the ipod is simply a better multimedia device than even the Z10 can hope to be. The apps are also miles _MILES_ ahead. I just got Real Racing 3... amazing game on the apple products. When BB10 gets a game of this kind of quality then we can talk.

    That said I find I currently am using the dual device more for a simple reason. This was elaborated in the other thread too actually. Its purely because the app I always use, is no longer available for BB10 since they dont allow backward apps to be used. So, it turns out there is one for the iOS. Money seems to always flow back to Apple somehow.
    07-16-13 12:31 AM
  3. Harvey Specter's Avatar
    Isn't the goal to get down to ONE device?
    07-16-13 01:19 PM
  4. FCSC's Avatar
    Isn't the goal to get down to ONE device?
    Only came to comment on this because of your username haha.

    I"m hoping to see some BB10 devices for the new season!
    07-16-13 02:54 PM
  5. Harvey Specter's Avatar
    Only came to comment on this because of your username haha.

    I"m hoping to see some BB10 devices for the new season!
    Well the show is filmed in Toronto... You know ole Harvey will be rocking a BlackBerry. #BOSS mode!
    07-16-13 06:54 PM
  6. anon(6174160)'s Avatar
    Isn't the goal to get down to ONE device?
    It is but we're not quite there yet. Each with advantages and disadvantages.

    Im using BB strictly because of the physical keyboard and also the perception that it is a more secure platform, thus making serious work stuff and use of banking apps more appropriate. However, judging from some comments it seems they are moving away from focus on security. If thats the case, and if they dont release keyboard phones, I always say that I am almost guarenteed an iphone user cause I already carry the ipod and ipad around for all other stuff the BB doesnt do.
    07-16-13 11:24 PM
  7. BoyAndroid's Avatar
    I want to do a Q10/ note 2 or ipad mini combo. Normal iPads are too big for me.

    Posted via CB10
    Ive done exactly this, Q10 ad ipad mini combo, works well. iPad mini doesn't get used anywhere near as much though. Mostly e-books, audible, some facebook and email but thats about it.
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    07-17-13 12:59 AM
  8. anon(6174160)'s Avatar
    The ipad mini is too big to carry around all the time though. The ipod touch can be carried around almost anywhere youre prepared to carry the Q10. The two are just as powerful and share similar specs (ipod 5G vs ipod mini) other than the screen size. However the screen on the ipod 5G is super high resolution, so it makes up for the small size.
    07-18-13 06:44 PM
  9. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    To the OP, I use a Q10 and an iPhone 5. The goal is NOT to get down to one phone. It is the best of both worlds. I don't use cases, so I put one in each front pocket and use back pockets for keys/bi-fold wallet. I have a few pair of pants with a small second front pocket on the same side that I use for keys (if I am wearing those pants). I only have 2 keys on my FOB, so my keys fit about anywhere. I keep the rest of my keys in my car.
    08-01-13 09:53 AM
  10. hadigunawan's Avatar
    OP are you singaporean?
    08-01-13 02:56 PM
  11. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    what is that? one who sings while bartending?

    OP are you singaporean?
    08-01-13 03:04 PM
  12. hadigunawan's Avatar
    what is that? one who sings while bartending?
    You high bro?
    08-01-13 03:20 PM
  13. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    on life...yes.
    08-01-13 03:36 PM
  14. Cap_172R's Avatar
    I keep the Q10 and ipod touch... Q10 means business and the iPod for the tunes and games! When the battery dies on the touch, it's not a big deal (mainly use if for music though!)
    08-01-13 03:37 PM
  15. unirectionxxx's Avatar
    I use a Blackberry Bold 9790 with the latest iPod Touch (only moved to a Blackberry yesterday) but it works great. BBM and texting are a breeze on the BlackBerry, and I normally take pictures on the iPod as I feel that it's better.... Might be getting a Q10 but for now I'm happy with my set up.
    04-11-14 03:46 PM
  16. denster1's Avatar
    I recently picked up a Nexus 10 tablet that replaced my iPad and I really enjoy the synergy between the Nexus tablet and my Q10. I use gmail, google calendar and contacts which I synch between the two. Also, now that I have a few android apps on my Q10 it seems to make even more sense.
    04-11-14 05:21 PM
  17. Mr Barkers's Avatar
    I couldn't imagine carry two personal cellphones around - that seems a tad excessive. A Q10 paired with a tablet for home use is the perfect combo.

    I do have an iPhone 4S that was my previous daily driver, but it has since been relegated to iPod use at home with the stereo accessories that I have for it.

    Posted via CB10
    04-11-14 07:37 PM
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