1. georgethegreek's Avatar
    After seeing a friend using a Blackberry Passport for emails and messaging and also using Samsung S5 for some apps that are must use. I decided to try for one month to put aside my Z30 and use a Q10 for emails and BBM and then use an S5 for the rest. I'm lucky that I have an old prepaid Bell plan that gives me 1GB data for just $10 per month... so figured I would use that with q10 and then use my Fido unlimited with the S5. Kind of the best of both worlds. But of course let's see if I can make it a month. Anyone else carrying a blackberry and an android /iphone?

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    11-10-14 10:42 PM
  2. Cap_172R's Avatar
    Not a bad combo, I always have a backup/secondary device. Seeing that my BlackBerry is always my primary device I decided to have another platform as the secondary! I've had the original Note and now the S4. It's not bad, I do get tired of android after a while though, but there are alot of cool apps and games available. But at the end of the day...i can't let my Q10 go...
    11-10-14 11:25 PM
  3. CDM76's Avatar
    I have a Z30 and just got a Q10 as a secondary device. Must say, the Z30 is leaps and bounds ahead of the Q10. Just feels better and easier to use. More natural. Q10 won't get used much but c'est la vie. IMHO.

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    11-13-14 12:00 AM
  4. Marthaelisa17's Avatar
    Hmm. For me I dropped the Note2 and could care less about it! I don't miss it at all! I don't use much apps just the hub and calendar. I make calls, text, emails, and facebook. I found my big phone uncomfortable and awkward to hold. People trying to view my screen cause it was too big. I couldn't stand the vkb. I prefer the pkb. So much easier to type. With tablets use at home I don't find a phablet as necessary anymore. That makes my life so much easier instead of carrying a huge phone everywhere I go. I love the Q10 the form factor has been so refreshing!

    Posted from my Fabulous Q10
    11-13-14 05:00 AM
  5. dmateo's Avatar
    I couldn't agree with you more! Especially since I also had a note device (3)

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    11-13-14 08:28 AM
  6. cartoon2007's Avatar
    yup, I have a Z30/Q10 and a HTC One M7. I really want to try the classic but that joy I feel when I'm out and about and I just switch out that dead Q10 battery with a fresh 1 of 3..

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    11-14-14 12:39 PM
  7. rams2kola's Avatar
    I switched 3 days ago... from z30 to q10.
    Feel uncomfortable first day... less display and strange respond from pkb. But after two days it comes to normal. Now I feel more satisfied.
    Don't use lot of apps, just bbm, whatsapp, email (via lotus traveler syncing), remember and calendar. For me was big surprise remake of transliteration in 10.3.1 OS. Now I use eng keyboard for my Russian typing). And the battery life same than Z30 (60% at the 7 p.m)
    11-14-14 01:24 PM
  8. AndyYNWA's Avatar
    I have an iPhone as my private phone and a Z30 for work.
    I think it's a great combo. All my favourite apps are available on App Store and the iPhone is really fast and responsive, but the Hub is miles ahead of iPhone when it comes to getting my job done.
    11-14-14 01:37 PM
  9. zombiecupcake's Avatar
    Personally I am not very needy when it comes to apps (hence why I switched back to BlackBerry from android). I just use the Q10 for pretty much everything, with a9810 sitting on the side in just in case, and a samsung tab for anything else.
    My job requires a lot of emailing back and forth with corporate and administrative contacts so I use the hub constantly. Other than that, I mainly use my phone to keep in touch with friends, write down stories/ideas when I'm not near a PC, and browse 9gag on the toilet :P the Q10 works for me and I think it will work for you too!
    11-14-14 01:47 PM
  10. Abk92's Avatar
    I've got an S4 and a Q10. Planning on getting an iPhone because I've gotten bored with Android due to lag and stuff. Going for iPhone because it's faster. Q10 though, untouchable for me! I use its Hotspot feature to give my Android internet service.

    Posted via CB10
    11-14-14 01:55 PM
  11. CharlesY's Avatar
    I just bought a Q5 online - 55% off. I currently have the z10 and love it, but dont like big or even medium sized phones. I had a QWERTY bb before, so i wont be too lost. But I sure hope i dont regret dropping the z10 (giving it to the significant other).

    Anybody else gone from touch to touch/qwerty? Thoughts?
    11-14-14 01:55 PM
  12. l_jack's Avatar
    I don't carry another phone -- I do use an ipad mini when I am at the house. I use it to check my fantasy football stuff, watch youtube and browse the internet.

    I have found when I am out and about or at work the Q10 is all I need. I use it mainly for communication, navigation and light browsing (if I am waiting at the Dr or something). I think the Q10 is more than a capable stand alone device if you don't play a ton of games or are extremely app dependent.

    Posted via CB10
    11-14-14 02:19 PM

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