1. tommynap01's Avatar
    does anyone know instead of going into each text message clicking end chat then confirming it again an easier way to delete a text message? thanks
    09-27-13 06:02 PM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    You can turn the confirmation feature off.
    09-27-13 06:09 PM
  3. zehkaiser's Avatar
    From the list, click and hold. Click the Multi Select button, select all chats, then select Delete.

    Posted via CB10
    09-27-13 06:12 PM
  4. Sargon123's Avatar
    Go to the text message hub click the 3 dots n select " select more " then click all the messages you want to delete then click delete

    Posted via CB10
    09-27-13 06:12 PM
  5. Cranky's Avatar
    Just press and hold the date. You'll get a menu to the right where you can delete all or mark all as read.

    Note: You can do this in the Hub but it will delete emails, text, logs ect. Or you can do it just with Text or Email. Also lets say that you had texts msgs for the past week 09/23/2013, 09/24/2013, 09/25/2013, Pressing and holding the 09/25/2013 will delete all previous msgs. But pressing and holding 09/24/2013 will delete everything up to and including 09/24/2013, but not msgs received on 09/25/2013.

    Hope that I didn't confuse you.
    09-28-13 02:14 AM
  6. SoxFan's Avatar
    The OP and I would like to delete single text message without the End Chat confirmation screen potting up. Just delete the chat in one step, not two.
    09-28-13 02:30 PM

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