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    I have issues texting with 2 people in the US, both on T-mobile. We get the same messages multiple times, or get them corrupt with only a few random words, or not at all... and the latest that happened today ‎& I'm surprised my phone didn't meet with a wall yet, a message I sent 5 weeks ago, was received today (again? - we're unsure if it was received then too, it looks as sent on my end). And corrupt too.

    Is anyone else having these issues? Any suggestions?‎

    I'm using a Q10 w ‎on Virgin Mobile in Canada

    ‎ETA: a day later, an old text I wrote but decided *not* to send ended up getting sent (though it was not listed in my drafts), instead of a new text I just wrote. I'm going crazy over here

    I got tired of trying to sift through CB's multitude of irrelevant search results to find if this has been asked & answered. Please point me to those posts if so.
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    04-26-16 11:33 AM
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    Help! I'm still experiencing this + several texts don't reach me or my contacts :'( I can't tell if it's a phone or provider problem
    10-25-16 12:56 PM
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    We can't tell this either dude

    Posted via my q10
    10-25-16 02:25 PM
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    Use Google instead of CB's search bar, you'll have a little more luck. It may not help you, but disabling BlackBerry Blend can stop system lag, especially when you are texting. It worked for me.

    Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q10
    02-10-17 10:38 AM

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