1. Brendan Kachou's Avatar
    Hey all, wondering if anyone else is having this issue -

    On, occasionally while I'm texting someone, the "Me" bubble that pops up after I send a message will display above the message I've last received. Although the times are shown accurately on the messages, they're out of order. After awhile, it goes back to normal. Anyone having this problem?

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-14 09:48 PM
  2. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Can't say I've heard that one as yet.
    Until someone replies that may be able to share the same experience... I have only one suggestion.

    Shake the phone like you would for the compass. Maybe they'll fall back into place!
    I know, sounds silly. But, you're not gonna be able to resist doing it ! LOL
    02-26-14 12:20 AM
  3. clearwater123's Avatar
    Not sure if this is the same thing you're talking about but after I did my update to the latest OS 10.2 now my text messages go out of order. I have one person in particular that this happens to but it does it on several people. But I can send a text and it will stay at the top as the latest text I've sent. I can get out of the HUB, go do something else on my phone and as soon as I go back into the HUB into my text messages that person isn't at the top anymore. Now they have been moved down a couple of days even though when I click inside the text it clearly shows I just recently sent them a text. So why it throws it down several days I don't know but it never did this before the update. Now sometimes I have to scroll down through many peoples texts just to find the one I just sent or received on someone. Grrrrrrrr! Would LOVE fix for this.....anyone????? :-(
    06-05-14 12:36 PM

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