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    I have a (supposedly) unlocked Q10 from T-Mobile
    I'm based in LA, but have traveled home to Toronto for awhile & was hoping to use my WIND sim card in my device (as I have w/ previous BBs)
    But after unlocking it with the IMEI-corresponding code provided to me by my carrier, the device STILL says "Network Locked" when I fire it up
    As a result I've been roaming on my US # (but demanding bill credits, naturally) and using a p.o.s. Huawei burner for my local calls

    Carrier then asked me to swap devices & have it unlocked in LA before being shipping to me, but got the same message using AT&T sim
    Some folks tell me it's T-Mobile piggybacked locking software, others have suggested it a motherboard issue native to Q10s
    All I know is that I'm at a loss: T-Mobile will offset my upfront cost to switch to some other device, but that just leaves me holding a brick

    Any advice on how to resolve this issue? From what I've researched, my T-Mobile Q10 oughtta be compatible w/ the WIND network's AWS freq
    I performed or supervised each Unlocking myself (Network & Subset have both said 'unlocked' on each device)
    I also spent close to 6 hrs troubleshooting glitches w/ BB's own technician in Manila
    (the initial set-up was glitchy; after a 3rd party data dump & reset we finally managed to get my Link updated & communicating w/ the device)
    But this Unlocked issue remained, and even he was stumped

    ALL solutions & suggestions welcome!
    05-11-15 07:45 PM
  2. cbvinh's Avatar
    My T-Mobile USA-branded Q10 is unlocked and Settings->Security and Privacy->SIM Card says:

    Phone Network Lock
    Device is ready for use on the network.
    Network Subset
    Service Provider

    The key is Service Provider Unlocked, as the other two already said Unlocked when it was still locked to T-Mobile.

    Are you sure your device is really unlocked? Do you see Service Provider Unlocked?

    My experience with unlocking was...

    1. I requested an unlock code. Code seemed to work, as the Q10 accepted it, but Service Provider didn't appear and I didn't know at the time that that was the key indicator. I tried a foreign SIM and it said the Q10 was still locked. After multiple attempts by me and at the store by reps, T-Mobile did an exchange for another Q10.
    2. Replacement Q10 exhibited the same problem. Eventually the situation was escalated to BlackBerry support at T-Mobile, which sent me a different code generated from the same IMEI that they had been using. That code worked.

    My advice would be to keep requesting the unlock code and when the code actually is something different (no use retrying a code that has failed and lose one more attempt), maybe you'll be able to unlock it. It will probably take escalation.
    05-11-15 08:02 PM
  3. krazyatom's Avatar
    I had similar issue with my first tmobile q10. Somehow unlock code provided by tmobile will not work. I had to return it and I didn't bother to unlock it again. You can go to tmobile store and have them unlock it for you.

    Posted via CB10
    05-13-15 03:50 AM
  4. cbvinh's Avatar
    I had similar issue with my first tmobile q10. Somehow unlock code provided by tmobile will not work. I had to return it and I didn't bother to unlock it again. You can go to tmobile store and have them unlock it for you.
    Don't bother with a store. They can't generate unlock codes and will just request one for you, to be emailed to you in the same time frame as it would take if you had called customer service. If you already have an unlock code and you weren't able to unlock with it, the situation won't change because a rep tries the same code. The only worthwhile thing a store can do is note that it didn't work "officially" and put that in your account, which might expedite a replacement if you've run out of attempts, though telling customer service it didn't work would pretty much do the same.

    I know this from 3-4 store visits (to different stores too) and the unlock was resolved by talking to BlackBerry support at T-Mobile on the phone and ultimately getting a working unlock code in an email.
    05-13-15 11:28 AM
  5. krazyatom's Avatar

    Thanks for the info. I wonder why tmobile unlock service is so lacking. Att unlock service works way better.

    Posted via CB10
    05-13-15 12:12 PM

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