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    I am considering switching from a windows phone to a Q10. I am mainly interested in the fact that it has a keyboard b/c, unfortunately, in the past when my Lumia 900 froze up, I wouldn't have been able to even make an emergency call . Is this going to be a non-issue since the Q10 has a keyboard? Also, I am wondering how similar the touch screen part is to a touch screen only phone (other than it will be smaller). I mostly use the phone for talk/text, alarms, reminders, calendar, and the occasional facebook, youtube, and looking up stuff on google.

    Also, I read somewhere something about BB has their own message/data usage (or something to that effect)?? I am on my mom's AT&T 6gig (??) plan. She is ususally the only one who uses any of it and has an iphone. So, is there some weird billing issues that will arise? I am due for a free upgrade, but haven't gone in yet. I looked online and saw the Q10 is $50 with a 2yr agrmt. I don't know if that means I can do that for my upgrade or not.

    I was originally looking into the Z10, but then I saw the Q10 with the keypad. As of now, I still keep my old samsung slidphone with me in case I need to make an emergency call and the screen on the Lumia 900 happens to be froze up.

    I almost forgot that the whole reason I am not sticking with the windows phone is as or right now, I will not be able to get my pictures off of it unless I text them all to my mom so she can email them to me. There is something wrong with the Zune software that is used for that on my computer and I can't get my picture to go from the phone to the computer. What is the picture situation for BB???

    Thanks for any info,
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    Well I can answer a few of your questions, friend.
    As far as the pictures go: you can save the pictures on your device memory (internal) or on an SD card (external) the SD card allows you to remove the entire card and voila...all your pictures can be seen on a laptop by using an adapter. Much easier than emailing or texting all of them.

    While I don't have AT&T, (I have VZW) I believe that 6 gigs would be enough data for the two of you. My son has an iphone and he uses by far the most data of our household phones.

    Maybe someone else can answer the rest of your questions.

    Oh well, the touch screen....I have both a Z10 and a Z30 and the touch screens are super responsive. Difference? The gestures for getting around on the Q will be different from what you are used to but that's about it.
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    The Q10 is great. The is no fee for blackberry 10 devices on legacy devices such as the 9900. So the Q10 does not need any special data plan. The picture situation is a non issue. You can share pictures anyway you want NFC, wifi direct, bluetooth, we even have a file manager that connects to drop box, sky drive, etc. Also if you have an SD card you can access it through USB mode, you don't need any special software not even BlackBerry link. I hope this answer your questions, if you have any more we here at crackberry will gladly help.

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    To answer your data question, I am on AT&T and have the 3GB plan. When I was using my Lumia 920, I was constantly over the data limit. Ever since I started using my Q10, I haven't even gotten close to the 3GB I pay for, and you and I seem to use our phones for the same thing.

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