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    After 4 (great) years my Torch 9800 finally sent me a strong signal that its life was up and the screen stops lighting up when the slide is up. So I gave in and bought a new Q10. I have managed to set up most of the apps and email but I have spent hours trying to get my data and contacts to switch from one device to another. The Torch is fully backed up on the BB Desktop Software on my pc, but obviously the Q10 doesnt work on that. So I downloaded the Blackberry Link for PC, as well as the Blend. After many struggles and much troubleshooting I have managed to get the Torch data uploaded onto that and everything is fine with the Device Switch until it gets to screen 5, when it asks me to connect the new device (the Q10). The message says to wait for the picture of the phone before clicking on it to proceed. Then nothing happens. My phone just gives me the option of installing drivers, ignoring, charging only etc.... and then it all stops there. If I disconnect everything and restart link, my Q10 is recognised and seen by the BB Link software and it appears on the left of the screen.

    I dont know what else to try. I cannot continue without contacts and I cannot go back to my old phone, nor use another one as the data plan works only for BB. HELP! I am just about to throw my phone out of the window and am seriously considering switching to Android for the first time in my life!
    03-26-15 01:23 PM
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    When I switched from BBOS to BB10, I didn't and wouldn't use Link. Your Torch can still access the Internet through WiFi. You need to download the Device Switch app to your Torch from BlackBerry World. You also need to download Device Switch from BlackBerry World to your Q10. Turn on the Bluetooth and run Device Switch in both phones. Follow the instructions and you'll be able to transfer your contacts, memo pad and documents.

    Since you have already reestablished all your apps, this is all you need to complete your transfer.

    Posted via CB10
    03-26-15 08:20 PM
  3. BByogaaddict's Avatar
    At one point I tried that too but my torch refused to download the Device Switch software (not supported by the device!?). In the end after many trials and errors I found out it was windows 7 which was creating chaos in the background. In the end I finally managed it but it was painful getting there! Thanks for the support! Now all I need to do is download some wallpapers and some of the extra apps.
    03-27-15 10:50 AM

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