1. dimitrisgreece's Avatar
    I would like to make a suggestion to BlackBerry or to CrackBerry, to make a poll or something.

    The point is, that's difficult for me to choose multiple mails, (or notifications from the hub) at once!

    So, wouldn't it be easier for us to:

    - when we are at the Hub to press Alt and then select as many emails, notifications etc as we want and then delete them?

    Its really hard for me to press the email for an amount of time, then select another one and then press delete!

    So that was just an easy and super comfy solution!

    What do you think Q users?

    From my Q10
    02-27-14 04:33 AM
  2. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I'd also like being able to hold either a shift- or alt-key and select mails/items by tapping them in the Hub. While the current long-tap and "select more" works, it's not as convenient IMO.

    Double-typed and posted with a BlackBerry Q10.
    arlene_t likes this.
    02-27-14 06:53 AM

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