09-30-14 01:57 PM
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    Actually, apparently I have a better grasp at what needs to be re-read, and this is it: "It is just taking a long time for the developers to figure out how to implement Java features into QNX."

    Sure it just so happen to be coded in Java since that was the language the old OS was based on, but that doesn't make it a "Java feature" as in it is unique to Java and that somehow makes it difficult to use on a device that uses the QNX kernel... EVERYTHING the old phones did (make phone calls, send text messages, open an app when the icon was touched, entered a letter when a key on the keyboard was pushed, etc.) would then be a "java feature" under that logic... :-D
    Of course, the fact that they switch from java to qnx is irrelevant. They had such a great roadmap, and simply chose to ignore it. And poof, there goes the company and then so sloooow and flawed to fix or address it...now a such a wounded animal, focusing on small govt, security, niche, app-insensitive, feature insensitive market and core business customers be damned. Actually, still trying to keep a toe in the water w that 1% market share, with the Passport, and hope for incremental progress.
    09-29-14 10:32 PM
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    Yes, a lot were. But this was a big lost oppty to retain existing customers and generate new ones, and it ranks amongst the biggest flubs in business history.
    This is minuscule compared to before.

    And going from 5% to 1% when it was steadily declining before isn't that huge, going from 50-5 is.

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    09-30-14 01:57 PM
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