1. unity04's Avatar
    After watching multiple demo videos of this phone I noticed something- the top status bar that displays battery, time, signal, etc, goes away once you open any applications (but still viewable when in the Hub). In the video below you'll notice there's no way to know the time or signal strength once you open apps like the calendar and web browser:

    So, has it been mentioned at all if there's a way to view your status bar while in applications? It'll be really annoying if you have to "peak" to view the time, well, everytime you want to check it.
    01-31-13 08:22 AM
  2. overzeer's Avatar
    I'd take that "screenestate" and give it to apps any day without looking back. Peeking to view the time is such a simple gesture, simpler and shorter than positioning your arm to see your watch (assuming you're already looking at an app on a device, which is what you are implying here).
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    01-31-13 08:46 AM

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