1. crossed_over_to_the_dark_side's Avatar
    I finally jumped at the new lowered prices and upgraded from my old Style, which I loved, to the new q10. I'm not really sure I'm sold on it yet. There are some improvements, but other things I think just taking a little getting used to. Of course I would have preferred the Z10, but Sprint made that choice for me. Maybe if I could just work out this problem I'd fall in love.

    I don't think this is a specific Q10 issue, or even to do with BlackBerry, since I'm reading online that other brand phones have the same problem, but since it's the model I'm using I'm posting this here in hopes that someone can walk me through what I need to do with my phone capabilities.

    This is the problem. I can't text out from home. Texting works completely fine elsewhere, I can even receive texts, and calls are fine from home. After two days on the phone and in store with Sprint, which is an hour away, we have finally figured out that it is the Airave that is blocking my texts, but when the guy was going to walk me through what I need to do, as soon as I disconnected the Airave, the call dropped. That's why we have the Airave, to boost our cell signal, because we live in a remote area. Of course I couldn't get reconnected back to the same guy when I called Sprint back after going through all the same troublesshooting, so I have no idea if he had a solution for me. The new customer service/tech support had no clue. So what I did, since we can't turn the Airave off because we need to be able to send/receive calls was turn off my data services on my phone so it would use my wifi. Now the text works fine, but I don't want to have to do that every time I'm at home and what else am I losing out on not being able to use data services? I want to be able to use all my services like I did with my BB Style, and my husband can do with his Samsung. Switching out the phone won't help, because it will still happen. Switching carriers isn't an option.

    Can anyone recommend how I can make the Airave not interfere with my text messaging on the new phone? Have you seen this issue here before?

    I really appreciate anyone useful feedback. Thank you.
    05-15-14 02:45 AM
  2. crossed_over_to_the_dark_side's Avatar
    PS, it's a bummer the Playbook Bridge doesn't have the same items on the 10. I miss being able to access my memos and notes from my PB. Love my PB!
    05-15-14 02:47 AM
  3. Mistik's Avatar
    I have an airave at home and we have no issues with texting so it it might be how your specific device connects with the Airave. Have you contacted Airave support?
    05-17-14 02:39 AM
  4. crossed_over_to_the_dark_side's Avatar
    I just had to wait a couple of days, but the Airave did eventually update and was able to use my new phone with no issues.
    08-19-14 08:27 AM

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