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    I've upgraded from a Bold 9900 to a Q10 yesterday. I used Blackberry Link to do the switch and everything seemed to work fine until I looked into the SMS/Text folder and also into some contacts.

    The first problem with missing numbers in the contacts I think is not a problem but just the different way the Q10 works and not all numbers can switch due to different fields but if someone could confirm/deny that would be great... Basically in my bold 9900 I had many contacts with Mobile2, Phone2 and Work2 numbers... all contacts have switched to the new device but all types of numbers that were Mobile2 etc have not switched and have vanished from the contact. I am assuming the the Q10 does not support Mobile2, Work2 numbers etc within a contact and this is why the numbers aren't there. Am I correct in thinking that I'll have to manually find the contacts with Mobile2 etc fields and add them again?

    The SMS problem is a bit more suspect... The sms database from my Bold 9900 seemed to sync fine with the Q10. All SMS' from the beginning of me having a Blackberry to August last year are displayed correctly with a history, heading etc as you would expect. Everything is fine with those messages. Then from August last year to now every message is in the correct order but showing as being delivered at the time of import and unread. Also if you click on any message from August last year (that are now showing as being all delivered yesterday at time of device switch but still in correct order and unread) there is no message history and the messages are all empty. I've seen other people with this problem but as of yet I've not seen anybody with a solution as to what is causing it and how to fix it. I've tried restoring the sms database from the back up. I've tried recopying the sms database from my bold 9900 to my q10 again but the same thing happens over and over again. I can't see what is stopping the last years worth of messages from displaying correctly. Has anybody got any ideas... I'm not joking when I say I spent 10 hours on this yesterday... I finally gave up at 3am and went to bed. Also the search feature in the SMS' doesn't work properly, I am assuming this is related to the same problem. If I can see there is a message from 'Andrew' and I then search for 'Andrew', it displays zero results. As I say I'm guessing both problems are related.

    Another minor niggle is that you can't set multiple alarms and can't sort music in the player by file date on the Q10 like you could before but I'm hoping these things will be fixed soon.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    06-07-13 06:16 AM
  2. cazee's Avatar
    I have the same problem with Text messages (SMS) :-(

    I imported them from a full backup of my Bold 9900. I could'nt use the "switch device" assistant, because it does'nt make correct backups but ends with an error message not telling what the problem was exactly.

    I was happy to find the hint to tell Blackberry link to import from a previous backup made with Blackberry Desktop Software.

    Anyone an idea what we can try to get our messages imported correctly...?

    Thanks alot!!
    06-20-13 02:26 PM
  3. dpoverlord's Avatar
    You guys ever figure this problem out
    08-29-13 03:57 AM
  4. viper-85's Avatar
    Same problem with my Z30.. Can't seem to get the Text messages!!
    Solution anyone?
    09-29-14 05:34 PM

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