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    I currently have a Q10. It's actually my second as the keyboard failed on the first one within 6 months (couldn't type Bs or Hs). It was replaced under warranty, thank the blackberry gods, but now the new one is hanging up and dialing a second party while on a call with the first. I think the sensor that says my head is away from the phone is faulty and causing my ear to hit virtual buttons on the screen. It also rarely wakes when I take my head away so that I can't hang up and I have to "top button" it awake just so I can end the call. (no case btw)
    There's a lot that's wrong with the new OS (not being able to get to the "J's" for instance in the contacts and instead getting all names that contain a J anywhere - that goes for any typed letter by the way, or being able to type an entire phone number from the "home" screen before the sloooow "phone" screen finally pops up to show you whether you typed the number wrong or right, and far too many swipy actions hat interfere with one another and truly need a UI editor to get in there and make it elegant - just to name a few.
    So the question is, do I take a leap of faith and throw this one and get a Classic? It would solve my gripe about the end-button on calls (I tend to one-hand this phone and that virtual end-button likes index fingers, not thumbs). With the Classic I get a real end button. I would also hope it would reduce some of the silly swiping, as I could use the track-pad and use one of the real buttons to go back (as I used to on my bold - does it still work the same? You can't really try the phone out in the stores)
    There was an old joke that you could spot a blackberry user because they were the only ones who, on ending a call, hit the end-button on the way to the holster and never looked back - while everyone else hit end multiple times or swiped and then had to wait for the results. We've joined the inefficient crowd I guess.
    At least they finally returned our unique call or email ringtone and led flash regardless of volume profile. I almost threw the Q10 out the first day I found out I couldn't do that. Its a business phone for goodness sake.
    So whats the verdict on the Classic everyone? Is it worthy of the Blackberry name? I only gave up my Bold because the slow surfing was pointless and apps were non existent. Do I break with the fold? (the samungs have that new keyboard overlay!) or hold my breath and jump in again? (btw the Passport is just too darn wide for me so thats out unfortunately)
    If anyone is still working at RIM (he said wistfully) and listening I'd happily help you fix these dumb dumb dumb UI things.
    09-10-15 05:53 PM
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    It's all about preference and it is really subjective depends to your need. As for me, Classic is superb. Got a glitch for a while with double typing but after updating to new OS, good as new with no double typing issue. I'm a very heavy user. I have 5 emails account, 40 whatsapp groups, 3 BBM groups, FB, IG, Twitter, and a few other stuffs that are frequently updating on my Classic. With all those heavy stuffs, the battery would usually last me from 7.30 in the morning up to 4.30 pm. Not bad for me as I'm on my phone almost all the time. The size just nice for my palm and not as big as Passport.

    09-10-15 05:59 PM
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    You have at least an issue with the proximity sensor. If you use a screenshield, better to replace it with a new one (or none). The sensor is on the left of the top speaker. You can also test it with BlackBerry Virtual Expert (aka BBVE in BlackBerry World) and replace it for a way lower cost than buying a new phone. That will solve almost all your issues.

    The search for a contact with only 1 letter will still be an issue on a Classic by the way At least, don't use the Contacts or the BlackBerry Assistant/Universal Search ; stick to the Phone app. Only your contacts with a phone number will be displayed, narrowing the list.

    Remember that you can also ending a call by putting your phone in a Holster or a Pouch (with a magnet).
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    09-10-15 06:46 PM
  4. ayngling's Avatar
    The classic is a great phone. I like the form factor of the Q10 better, but I never had any of the issues you mention, so getting a classic sounds like like good idea.
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    09-11-15 01:36 AM
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    Don't need faith. Just need $$$$. Just do it.

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    09-11-15 03:08 AM
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    The classic isn't as one-hand friendly as the Q10. And you will eliminate some swiping, but not all of it. For me, I do about an equal amount of swiping in the Q10 and the Classic. It really just slows you down sometimes trying to figure out how to use your keyboard or the trackpad, so it's quicker and more efficient just to tap the screen.

    For serious, fast power users, these little details add up and you won't really notice until you've used it for many weeks at a minimum.
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    09-11-15 07:46 AM
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    Does anybody have problems clearing the Hub by delete prior? My hub never clears all entries -i.e what's app and BBM. It only clears texts and emails that precede the what's app and bbms then I have to do it manually! This is a real downer and an idle boast about HUB which is integral to blackberry 10 see quote attatched! What can I do?
    Should I have faith and change to the Classic?-img_20150918_082058.png

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-15 07:05 AM
  8. showme700's Avatar
    Proximity sensor. I agree it goes haywire especially if you employ advanced interaction. The virtual testing device does not highlight that fault regarding the sensors because according to my having used the test the Q10 is tickety boo!

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-15 07:11 AM
  9. wilber1's Avatar
    I f you liked your Bold you will Love the Classic I have no issues with mine at all bought through shop Blackberry with excellent service .
    09-18-15 09:15 AM
  10. kuje75's Avatar
    I have no issues with my Classic but it happen to my Z10. Have to delete BBM individually.

    09-18-15 09:39 AM
  11. scubafan's Avatar
    I'm interested in seeing people's responses to this myself! I've been dithering about whether or not I'd find the Classic an upgrade to my Q10 or not. Maybe it's just been lucky but I haven't ever had the double typing problem, so switching to another device that might have it is hard to decide on. I think I would really like the toolbelt and the slightly bigger display.

    What's given me the most pause is the non replaceable battery. My Q10 Is just over 18 months old and I have already been seeing days where the battery goes down quickly even with minimal usage. But I already have a spare battery so I'll probably try switching to see if that makes a difference. If the Classic's battery has issues I'm kind of screwed. Besides the likely high cost of getting a local shop to replace it I would probably be without a phone for over a day. Since I never go more than a few hours between needing my Q10 to text, use an app or make a call I don't know how I'd manage! The longer battery life (when it's healthy) of the Classic IS attractive though. Thoughts?

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    10-03-15 04:14 PM
  12. Jay Wright2's Avatar
    Although I highly prefer having a non-removable battery, it seems BlackBerry is not producing those anymore. I might have to get another Q10(which I love!), or might have to settle for the Classic. Best of Luck.

    The BlackBerry Guy
    10-03-15 07:36 PM
  13. BB18244's Avatar
    I honestly prefer the keyboard on the q10, the classics good and all but if you wanna upgrade from a q10, don't xD or go to a passport

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    10-04-15 11:15 AM
  14. bbnrs's Avatar
    To me the Q10 represents "balance," given it's size (yes I know the screen is small for watching the super bowl, but nots what it was designed for) key board (yes I know some have experienced problems, I am a slow typist) and replaceable battery (have several).
    10-04-15 12:30 PM
  15. joewoo's Avatar
    I jus got a classic and had a q10.... it's enough difference in my opinion... it's not like you're dropping $500 for it....

    The build with the extra weight is nice.... I like how wide it is too...

    You can pick up a classic in the buy/sell forum, try it out... and if you don't like it, jus post it for sale... you won't lose much
    10-04-15 03:21 PM
  16. sigint99's Avatar
    I jus got a classic and had a q10.... it's enough difference in my opinion... it's not like you're dropping $500 for it....
    It's $500+ delivered where I live. Not cheap at all.

    The build with the extra weight is nice.... I like how wide it is too...
    I don't. It's far too bulky and the screen is deceptive - it has a lower ppi than the Q10.

    You can pick up a classic in the buy/sell forum, try it out... and if you don't like it, jus post it for sale... you won't lose much
    That's all very well if one has the time to stuff around with mobiles. Many people don't have that luxury.
    10-04-15 09:43 PM
  17. joewoo's Avatar
    maybe that price is specific to you dude... you can pick one up for a little over $200 on the buy/sell section....

    I've had the q10... it's VERY hard to tell the difference in ppi during real world use.... to go and call it "deceptive" it's being a little dramatic.......

    it's very easy to post a buy/sell.... I can do it on the ****ter with the phone......
    10-05-15 11:08 AM
  18. ZeBB45's Avatar

    I don't. It's far too bulky and the screen is deceptive - it has a lower ppi than the Q10.
    That's the reason I won't 'upgrade' to the classic. I prefer the larger colour pallet of the Q10's amoled screen vs the classic's LCD.

    Q10 - .2474  < α∂∂ιт > 
    10-05-15 12:29 PM

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