12-30-12 07:22 AM
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  1. Qaxl's Avatar
    I really like what RIM are doing with the BlackBerry 10 software keyboard, I love how the predictions appear on top of each alphabet, I love how it learns over time where you usually tap a key, I love that swiping gesture for deleting a word, I love the space inference feature where you type a few words without pressing space and it still understands what you meant, I love that it can suggest words in more than one language at a time, I Love the flicking gesture to send predicted words up to the typing area and I love that it has frets and the keys look like hardware buttons rather than software renderings.

    I also think a full sized touchscreen with 720p+ resolution will offer a much more impressive experience for the user than a 720x720 screen can ever hope to deliver. Many Many Many apps will be optimized for the larger screen, and will be scaled down, and compromised to fit on the smaller screen of the hardware keyboard device.

    That said however, I don't think I want a device without a Physical Keyboard, and i don't want to compromise the entire experience of the device by getting a smaller size screen.

    Basically what I am saying is that I want a full large screen experience, and I want a hardware qwerty keyboard. I really like the On-Screen Keyboard and would love to use it for quick short replies, and I want to use a physical keyboard for everything else.

    That is why I am rooting for a Landscape Qwerty Slider from RIM which does not have to compromise on either the screen real estate or the physical keyboard ( I feel the Torch Style compromises on Screen size and Keyboard size ). If not part of the first 6 devices then maybe next year we could see something like that, for me that really would be the best of both worlds.

    I also believe that BlackBerry 10 will the beginning of the end for Physical Keyboards on Smartphones, the On-Screen keyboards have just gotten that good, so I would like a Physical Keyboard Device for as long as they make them, and I feel that to extend the life of Physical Keyboards, they need to be Paired with full sized screens that can take full advantage of the latest apps and OS experience.

    To answer the OP, Its a very difficult question to answer, if there is no device that gives the best of both worlds ( as opposed to a compromise of both worlds ) I would have to say that I might end up getting Both the devices.
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    12-04-12 10:06 AM
  2. mf1982's Avatar
    I thought N all the way at first, but now I'm not so sure.

    I really hope the rumoured M series are not too far out. A slider with full size screen and keyboard (a la Torch) would be perfect.

    I can slowly type messages on the Torch screen, and only do so for short responses where I don't want to slide out the keyboard. When I need quick and accurate text messages or email, I always use the keyboard.

    I have practised using the PlayBook in portrait mode to get a feel for the smaller keyboard, but I inevitably switch to landscape pretty quickly because I find the portrait keyboard too small. It will only be worse on the L series.

    Having said that, with all of the advantages of the L series, I will have to see the devices before deciding and both devices are not an option for me.
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    12-04-12 11:56 AM
  3. bER1Nry's Avatar
    Well you have a few ways to look at it. With the upcoming N-series. You have a bit of a larger screen thanks to the rumor of the home and navigations buttons being taken out of the design.
    But if you want to opt for a larger screen entirely got for the L-series. It is supposed to have a very nice flow for typing and accommodates one hand typing with ease.
    But if you REALLY can't decided wait a little longer and go for the A-series. It's apparently going to be the size of the L-series but with a slide up and *pop* there is a keyboard. All in all you should go to the store and see how the phone feels in your hand before you decided which to buy.
    12-04-12 03:52 PM
  4. donmateo's Avatar
    Are either of these the flagship? Like for the BB10 line as a whole I mean. I will probably get the L, even though I love my QWERTY
    12-04-12 05:08 PM
  5. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    Well, the L appears to be the new "flagship" for launch, while a more powerful full-touch device will be released later on in 2013.
    I somehow think the N is mostly there for now to keep the die-hard BB fans happy. On the other hand, many other companies like Nokia and HTC dropped the physical keyboards, so RIM has a good chance to completely capture this (niche?) market.
    12-04-12 05:42 PM
  6. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    You should get the N-Series because, it's physical QWERTY-4-LIFE!

    The assurance of the physical keyboard allows you to blast out messages, emails, and more, like a boss.
    12-04-12 07:31 PM
  7. calicocat2010's Avatar
    I know I have already posted on this thread, but I have changed my mind, again. When I had the 1st Torch, it was a pain to type on the virtual keyboard quickly because the right letters were not showing up on the screen. I did however, notice that I could type out messages or email faster than the physical keyboard. I sometimes would play with the Android devices, and I was able to type faster on them too. Don't get me wrong, I love the 9900 and the keyboard, but the clicking noise i just don't like it. Being able to crank out messages and emails with a full touch keyboard that will be way better than the current BBOS is what I will go with. IMO, the screen real estate will be much better than the N series.
    12-06-12 10:22 PM
  8. BoldPreza's Avatar
    My choice will be the N. I do recommend you trying out both though before you make your decision and seriously evaluate how you use your phone on a daily basis or what you will want to be able to do with your next phone.

    The reason I came to my decision is simple. I have a PlayBook, I use that for videos internet and so forth. My faithful 9860 has been great for a lot of things but I find myself very frustrated using it to type which is my dominant reason for having the phone.

    For me a physical keyboard has become extremely important in the past year and while I may not get the N(might wait for the phone after) I will likely have a 9900(bought cheap) very soon.

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    12-07-12 05:35 PM
  9. bbmme's Avatar
    I would buy both eh. You never know,maybe the all touch is just that great eh. I'm a die hard qwerty, but I'm going to see what rim did with the all touch.
    12-08-12 02:16 AM
  10. anon2100101's Avatar
    My choice will be the N. I do recommend you trying out both though before you make your decision and seriously evaluate how you use your phone on a daily basis or what you will want to be able to do with your next phone.

    The reason I came to my decision is simple. I have a PlayBook, I use that for videos internet and so forth. My faithful 9860 has been great for a lot of things but I find myself very frustrated using it to type which is my dominant reason for having the phone.

    For me a physical keyboard has become extremely important in the past year and while I may not get the N(might wait for the phone after) I will likely have a 9900(bought cheap) very soon.

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    Its exactly my point of view (neglecting the fact, that I'm a proud owner of a 9900)- if I would be a rational type of man! But I'm more the emotional type who wants to own the current flagship of BlackBerry... And I assume that the L-series should be the "Pearl Harbour" for apple and google...:-)
    12-08-12 02:46 AM
  11. xSt0rmTroop3Rx's Avatar
    Get the keyboard version, and p-p-p-pick up a playbook.

    Best of both worlds. I have my PB, just waiting on the BB10 qwerty version to be released, and I'm happy!
    I agree with the above.statements. OP, Given that the PlayBook has been confirmed by RIM to receive the BB10 update, there's your nice big screen. As far as your phone (aka communication tool) you have already answered your own question. A BB is only as good as its keyboard. so the N series would likely be for you.

    I must say, however, that the soft keyboard on the L series looks to be pretty stellar...just saying...
    12-08-12 04:12 AM
  12. boxxer1371's Avatar
    I'm a newbie here and I'm using a Bold 9630, which is my first smartphone. I'm overdue for an upgrade and I'm holding out for BB10, but I wondered too if I should get the N or L. The only differences would be the screen size and presence of physical keyboard. If you want more screen size, then get the L. So the only remaining factor is the keyboard, which I break down to three categories; functionality, comfort, and tactile sensation.

    BB's physical keyboard is one of it's major strengths. No doubt RIM already knows this and so they would make the L-series's keyboard to be just as functional as a physical one. Everyone's seen the BB10 dev alpha videos and the keyboard looks like it functions really smoothly. Sure, learning to use a touchscreen effectively might be a pain, but it can be done. But, will you be able to type quick emails on the L like how you do on a BB with a physical keyboard? I don't see why not, after all it's a Blackberry.

    Having only used the Bold 9630, I'm used to typing only on a physical keyboard; I'm comfortable using a physical keyboard. I tried typing on a co-worker's iPhone 4 and I didn't like typing on it I even went to a Verizon store and tested typing on a couple more touchscreen keyboards (iPhone 4 & 5, Galaxy S3 & Note 2, Torch 9850) and the only one that I was able to type comfortably on was the Torch.

    Okay, being able to "feel" the keys under my fingers is great. The only problem I had with my Bold's physical keyboard is that the paint sometimes chips off, then I'm using blacknail polish to repaint it. Wouldn't have that problem on a touchscreen, but then again I learned typing on a typewriter. So there's a sense of nostalgia using a physical keyboard. I absolutely love using the BB's physical keyboard, but I might have to end up like the majority of the smartphone users and opt for a touchscreen keyboard.

    Long story short: I'm leaning towards the L for the reasons listed above and also I'm getting impatient waiting for a new BB. Even if I get the L, before the N rolls out, and if I find out the N types better than the L, I still won't feel bad because the L has a larger screen. A slider would be the best of both worlds, but how long would it take for that to roll out?
    12-08-12 11:50 AM
  13. Nine54's Avatar
    Personally I'm getting an N-series.

    I went through a big screen phase too, and after six months I was CRAVING a physical keyboard. The new RIM touch-keyboard is going to be better than anything else on the market, but being the best of a crappy technology isn't enough to sell me on it. My problem has always been that even on a 4.3" screen or even the huge screen on my GFs Note, I can't comfortably type on them in portrait mode, but landscape mode means I can't see hardly anything that I've typed (say two lines tops). Touch screen typing is just inelegant, no matter which way you slice it.
    These are my sentiments exactly. I had a Note and 6 months later got a Bold 9900 for the exact same reasons. Also, I never realized how much I used a phone one-handed until I had the Note and that became difficult to do. Yeah, the big screen is nice for things, but some of these large phones just aren't comfortable to hold. In the touch world, I really think 4.3" might be the sweet spot. As for the physical world, sometimes I wonder if our clinging to physical keyboards is futile in the long run...that we're clinging to past...

    My feeling ever since my 8300 has been that physical keyboards are for people who use their smartphone as intended, running all their e-mail, texts, IMs and a decent proportion of their word processing through it. And my time on a Galaxy S II pretty much vindicated that feeling. Watching videos is a lot nicer on a full touch screen device of course, but the first thing I learned about that was that it obliterated the battery, so I had to stop because I needed to be able to e-mail and IM until I got home. After that the big screen started to lose its luster. If anything it was a step backwards from my venerable old 9000. Everything took longer on a touchscreen.

    Answering an email felt like a chore. Unlock phone, read mail, flip phone into landscape, write email, flip back to portrait to re-read and check spelling, if I made mistakes, go back to landscape or flail at the portrait keyboard hoping that I made things better not worse.
    Exactly. I found myself avoiding responding to emails or doing any kind of relatively lengthy text entry on the Note. The Note was great for the things I did about 20% of the time and made the things I did 80% of the time more laborious. And while games and videos on the large screen were pretty cool, you're 100% right about the battery--do anything that keeps the display running and you can see the battery life dropping by the minute.

    There are a few things I miss, though. Although I didn't use it incessantly, I do miss Instagram. And while Android is a cluster in many ways, I miss the notifications. That served as the "hub" for me and largely eliminated the need for multiple home screens, widgets, etc. In fact, I loaded a third-party launcher in order to eliminate a lot of the clutter. The biggest thing I miss, though, is the camera, and I really hope the BB 10 devices have some good specs in that department.
    12-09-12 09:10 AM
  14. diego.roscetti's Avatar
    I am going to go with the L series. Just my 2 cents, but by the looks of this OS I think it will do more justice on a larger screen than the N series.

    I could be wrong, as I would love to see a leaked video of BB10 on an N series.
    12-09-12 03:55 PM
  15. Bobert_123's Avatar
    I was considering the N series but then I stared thinking... Do I really want to have to wait a month for my phone AFTER the official launch of BB10? The answer is simple, no. I've been waiting way to long. If the N series comes out a week after the L then I will wait, if not its L series for me.
    12-09-12 05:42 PM
  16. AlexAllen's Avatar

    * Typing in the car (from the passenger's seat)

    * Blind password fields

    * Touch-typing (I'm sure there's some 14yo Asian girl who can touch-type on a virtual keyboard, but that's out of the question for me.)

    * Autocorrect won't get in the way of my expressiveness. (I have a lot of fun with coined, pun-ish words. Also, my current bb prefers the less popular [Canadian?] spelling of accouterments [accoutrements]. I've started to use accouterments in all my writing as a bb-fan secret [very secret] handshake)

    * Quicklaunch (granted, the bb10 equivalent will likely open an icon grid rather than a tiny list ...)

    * Shortcuts

    * I have a laptop, desktop, and television for those times I want to waste my time consuming media

    * Elegant, form-follows-function appearance (the current trend is to cludge in all other functionality around media consumption)

    * Presumably, battery life

    * Physical keyboard is the only thing keeping me from *accidentaly* dropping my cursor-drifting Torch (warranty replacement for 9780) in the toilet for a Windows phone replacement.

    I'd buy a bb10 97xx if they ever made one.

    All that being said, the N-series appearance looks to be a step down from 99xx. If the N looks and feels too cheesy, I may pick up the L.
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    12-15-12 08:42 AM
  17. Gla1ze's Avatar
    For the first time I'll be going full touch and getting the L series ! I got the Torch to try out touch kb but found myself only using the hard kb. Hated the touch kb. Reason I'm getting the L series is because I think RIM has created a touch kb that finally bridges the gap with the hard kb !
    12-19-12 10:32 PM
  18. bizarrejustin's Avatar
    N-series for me. my 9930 has been amazing and i cant wait to upgrade in july when im due. with the 64gb playbook i only talk/text/email/bbm on my phone so a nice keyboard is crucial since my playbook does all my music/game/video/web browsing with a little email/text/bbm thrown in occasionally when i am to lazy to find my phone :P
    12-20-12 02:55 PM
  19. houshinto#IM's Avatar
    Since I have a playbook already I'm pretty set in getting an N series BB10 phone.
    I just hope aside from the reduction of screen real estate there will not be any other significant changes to the BB10 OS to accommodate it.
    12-20-12 03:25 PM
  20. JerBru's Avatar
    I went with the Torch without the keyboard several years ago and will stay with touch from now on.
    12-20-12 09:41 PM
  21. Skeevecr's Avatar
    Personally, I think that everyone who expects to wait for the n-series owes it to themselves to at least check out the l-series when it is in the shops, as somebody who has used a qwerty blackberry for more than a decade now I am surprised at how much I like the vkb despite detesting all other touchscreen keyboards on anything smaller than a tablet.
    12-21-12 12:01 PM
  22. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    That depends on what you expect from a keyboard. I still like the physical contact, not so much the precission nor speed coming along with a hardware keyboard. It simply is a different typing experience when you "mash the buttons" instead of just touching that glas plate. At least for me that counts. I have tried quite some virtual keyboards, some better than the others, but I always missed the actual buttons, the clicking, the tactile feedback. No virtual keyboard can replace that. Latest example would be the newly recieved Playbook: Even though it has a large screen, I still prefer writing any text on my Bold 9900 over using the PBs touch screen.

    Of course I will try the Z10 keyboard too, actually I am rather excited about it. However I already know it still won't (due to obvious reasons) satisfy my needs and expectations of a decent keyboard.
    12-21-12 05:02 PM
  23. imcurved's Avatar
    Alright, I'm using a bold 9900 right now and I'm thinking which series to get when BB10 comes out.

    To me, a blackberry is only as good as its keyboard, hence I got the 9900. However, I would love to have a phone with a big screen too.

    So, which phone should I get?

    Change is the only constant.
    Follow your heart.
    12-21-12 05:23 PM
  24. Bobert_123's Avatar
    After seeing the leaks of the qwerty I have decided on a white L...
    12-26-12 11:19 AM
  25. kojita's Avatar
    As many others, I have a few playbooks with which I can play along with full touch BB10 and my wife's superphone will be aZ10 so X10 all the way for me!
    other X10 product:

    Attached Thumbnails Should I get N series or L series?-2010_ford_mustang_av-x10-thumb-520x345-323.jpg  
    12-26-12 11:30 AM
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