12-30-12 07:22 AM
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  1. ArmaniumZ's Avatar
    Alright, I'm using a bold 9900 right now and I'm thinking which series to get when BB10 comes out.

    To me, a blackberry is only as good as its keyboard, hence I got the 9900. However, I would love to have a phone with a big screen too.

    So, which phone should I get?

    Change is the only constant.
    10-02-12 05:46 AM
  2. AbuYazeedUK's Avatar
    Get both of them
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    10-02-12 06:32 AM
  3. PedroBorgas's Avatar
    Buy the one you like
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    10-02-12 06:54 AM
  4. Barljo's Avatar
    Get the keyboard version, and p-p-p-pick up a playbook.

    Best of both worlds. I have my PB, just waiting on the BB10 qwerty version to be released, and I'm happy!
    10-02-12 06:54 AM
  5. troubl3dman's Avatar
    I will pick up all as this is a new BB platform and this will most likely set the tone for the next few models from RIM.
    10-06-12 01:35 AM
  6. vespajet's Avatar
    I'm in the same predicament, as both the N series and L series devices have me intrigued. I love the keyboard on my Curve 9360 and have played around with the Bold 9900 (Which is in some ways what the N series devices will be similar to.) and do like the idea of having a touch screen alongside a keyboard. At the same time, I like the larger screen of the L series and I have gotten used to on screen typing with my PlayBook. I'm going to wait until both devices are on the market so I can get a hands on with them before making my decision.
    10-06-12 03:27 PM
  7. brooke65's Avatar
    as much as I think the new virtual keyboard on the BB10 willbe better than other virtual keyboards, i still think I will prefer to have the physical keyboard as I can type so quickly on it knowing where the keys are. I still have the old 8520 and am so frustrated with it's browser, but with BB10 around the corner it doesn't pay to do anything but wait. I purchased the Playbook 2 months ago and absolutely love it!! I purchased it at a price comfortable enough to make it worth testing vs the apple phone and pad which my husband has. With flash support and all the available apps, there is very little I feel i am missing. I would love a Siri adding appts and notes as needed as that would make my life more organized. I believe that might be coming on the BB10. The current voice notes on the playbook is just a recorder. I will be looking for a notes app that works well. but that is another story. All considered I will wait for the physical keyboard with a hopefully very large screen - at least 3.5 to 4.0.
    10-18-12 02:54 PM
  8. fabio984's Avatar
    I like the big screen too, but i think i really would pick the N. I have the playbook for big screen. I dont want buy the L and miss the keyboard im with 9900 now.
    10-18-12 03:07 PM
  9. Xader's Avatar
    I'm going for the L-Series. My big hands made this decision for me.

    While I think that my 9900 has the best hardware keyboard ever made, the fact that my thumbs cover the keyboard make typing by touch both necessary and impossible at the same time. The tip of my thumb touches 4-6 keys at once, so I need to look at the keyboard, but the small size makes it impossible to see past my thumbs.

    But I found the solution when using my wife's 9850 in landscape mode. The keyboard was large enough that I was actually able to see the individual keys and for my thumb to only hit one at a time. The BB10 software keyboard should only be better, especially with the added spacing of the virtual frets.

    Now unless you also have giant hands, my experience isn't necessarily relevant to your choice, but that's my $0.02 anyway...
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    10-23-12 02:06 PM
  10. gariac's Avatar
    Typing with your thumbs on the Playbook is no problem. Scaling it down to a phone size screen is another story.

    BTW, I still say the Curve style keyboard (island keys) is better than how the Bold crams all the keys together. I'm on a 9780. I might think differently if I had the wider 9900 series.

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    10-24-12 12:41 PM
  11. Xader's Avatar
    BTW, I still say the Curve style keyboard (island keys) is better than how the Bold crams all the keys together. I'm on a 9780. I might think differently if I had the wider 9900 series.
    I had an 8900 before my 9900, and I definitely like the 9900's keys better. You're probably right about the extra keyboard width making all the difference. But I never had a 97xx to compare.
    10-24-12 01:35 PM
  12. nvestn's Avatar
    What is going to be the gap in release between the L and N? I realize the L will come out first; is there somekind of timeline for the N following the L?
    10-25-12 08:27 AM
  13. RubenDM's Avatar
    Well , i had a curve 8900 , actually i loved the keyboard with a little space between the keys. although i went over to a 9780. It went pretty smooth but i missed more keys than before.(touched the wrong ones etc..) I loved the phone but again left to : (yes i'm not telling you guys a lie) A bold 9000. And yeah , i was sold... freaking awesome keyboard so from the moment the 9900 came out i knew this would be it for me. And it was. Best keyboard over all the bb's for me .

    But then i could spend some time on a torch 9860 an a curve 9380. I fell in love with the nice touch screen on my bold. and after some time on these phones i love touchscreens more and more.
    Typing will be different , even a big difference compared to my playbook. But i guess it's just something we need to get used to. So maybe try to spend some time with touchkeyboards (beside playbook) and that could make you think otherwise. I also think that RIM spends more time with their touch development at the moment right now , this together with all the devs. It could surprise you (surprises always happen when you don't count on them).
    So spend some time with touchscreens would be my advise.

    Good luck (I'll take the L one's)
    10-31-12 02:05 PM
  14. gariac's Avatar
    The Playbook is so big that touch screen is fine. I still wish it had a trackpad. Cut and paste is so much easier on the phone.

    I have an T-mob G-2 I need for one app. (At $150 used, it is an expensive app!) The touch screen on the G-2 is terrible. Oh, and the slide out keyboard is terrible too!

    I tried swipe. Result: it is terrible.

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    10-31-12 07:18 PM
  15. EGerhardt's Avatar
    Personally I'm getting an N-series.

    I went through a big screen phase too, and after six months I was CRAVING a physical keyboard. The new RIM touch-keyboard is going to be better than anything else on the market, but being the best of a crappy technology isn't enough to sell me on it. My problem has always been that even on a 4.3" screen or even the huge screen on my GFs Note, I can't comfortably type on them in portrait mode, but landscape mode means I can't see hardly anything that I've typed (say two lines tops). Touch screen typing is just inelegant, no matter which way you slice it.

    My feeling ever since my 8300 has been that physical keyboards are for people who use their smartphone as intended, running all their e-mail, texts, IMs and a decent proportion of their word processing through it. And my time on a Galaxy S II pretty much vindicated that feeling. Watching videos is a lot nicer on a full touch screen device of course, but the first thing I learned about that was that it obliterated the battery, so I had to stop because I needed to be able to e-mail and IM until I got home. After that the big screen started to lose its luster. If anything it was a step backwards from my venerable old 9000. Everything took longer on a touchscreen.

    Answering an email felt like a chore. Unlock phone, read mail, flip phone into landscape, write email, flip back to portrait to re-read and check spelling, if I made mistakes, go back to landscape or flail at the portrait keyboard hoping that I made things better not worse.

    Proofing documents was hellishly slow. I ended up reading documents on my phone and taking notes by hand to change when I got in. That can't be a good sign.

    Now, the L-series will be a good device by the standards of full touch screen devices. It'll have a better touchscreen keyboard, a great OS, all the BB stuff we expect, and uniquely a great consumer device. Thing is I hate the move towards consumer-friendly devices. Consumers are people who bought iPhones on the strength of Siri alone, used it for a week and haven't even thought about it since. They are easily distracted by shiny but pointless features. Consumers are people like my aunt and uncle who are just young enough to feel like they need a smartphone but old enough to just call everyone they need to contact anyway. A device being consumer friendly is in no way a recommendation in my book. The N-series is where the class is.
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    11-01-12 06:21 PM
  16. phatmaan's Avatar
    Out of both of them I would go for the N , due to the physical keyboard , But I have my quams about the lack of certain other physical keys, which I have become so used to , i can navigate my phone with my eyes closed due to the them
    11-05-12 11:34 PM
  17. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    If you love instagram, get the N-series. Its a square screen so instagram square photo will display in full screen.

    Jokes aside, its up to yourself to decide. Whether you need a bigger screen more, or you need a physical keyboard. Make that decision, and the choice between the L or N series will be clear.

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    11-05-12 11:41 PM
  18. lordpuppy's Avatar
    As it stands, I'm pulling for the N-series. I'm all about the keyboard. Now... I have to see if there's any meat to the A-series rumours. I might be swayed from QWERTY by higher specs. If they're similar, definitely the keyboard.
    11-30-12 12:46 PM
  19. Skeevecr's Avatar
    I think that realistically speaking, any eventual aristo device is going to end up being next winter's all-touch device, it would serve zero purpose to Rim to release a device that would merely be stealing sales from one of their own, especially since bb10 would not need all the additional specs just for the sake of it. I would bet that we will see a reworked aristo come out with a 1080p in a year's time at which point it would tend to need to extra horsepower of a quad-core to push those extra pixels.
    12-01-12 10:38 AM
  20. H4zN's Avatar
    You figure out what you love about your 9900! I was rocking the iPhone 3G, 3GS and then 4 when I fell in love with a Bold 9000 because of the physical keyboard. The phone was slow, so eventually got a Bold 7900 and ditched the iPhone. Now I'm on a 9900 and have a Dev Alpha B. The typing experience on BB10 will be differentiated from other touch keyboards, but after trying it out for a few months now, I'm sure I will get the N-series BB10 device. Why? Because of the feedback the physical keyboard gives you, because you can type without looking at the phone, because you don't have to stop walking to type and pay attention to your screen (you also have to do that word the word suggestion swiping action). With other words, I'm too much in love with my keyboard do ditch it for bigger screen. Period! So this is why I'm getting the N-series, maybe you should make a list for yourself with pros and cons and see what's worth more. The N-series is the best of both worlds!
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    12-01-12 03:03 PM
  21. Dim-Ize's Avatar
    I like using shortcuts on my 9900 (e.g. M for mail, U for caluculator, B for browser, etc.)

    I wonder how that will work - navigating quickly on the L?

    Also, when browsing a website, it's nice to scroll to the Top or Bottom with shortucts, something sorely missing in the PB.

    I want the L. I just think it may be a difficult change.
    12-03-12 09:01 PM
  22. nappp's Avatar
    N all the way for me. I love having a physical keyboard and I don't want to change
    12-03-12 11:34 PM
  23. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    Actually the situation didn't change at all, compared to the current gen devices:
    If you like to have a decent physical keyboard, if messaging and texting in general are most important to you - take the N-Series.

    However if you prefer to get more entertaining like usage, such as videos, games, heavy browsing, basicly everything you'll benefit from having a larger screen - get the L-Series.

    I think the L-Series will be the more versatile device on the long run. I'm pretty sure virtually everything for BB10 will be available for this device. The N-Series however will most likely get less apps (especially games), because of the more special screen resolution. So the L-Series will target more the typical iPhone or Android customer, while the N-Series will be more aimed for the classical Blackberry user: "People who do" and don't care too much about games and multimedia on their phone.
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    12-04-12 02:54 AM
  24. anon2100101's Avatar
    Alright, I'm using a bold 9900 right now and I'm thinking which series to get when BB10 comes out.

    To me, a blackberry is only as good as its keyboard, hence I got the 9900. However, I would love to have a phone with a big screen too.

    So, which phone should I get?

    Change is the only constant.
    Very difficult question... Normaly I would prefer the physical keyboard, cause of its outstanding quality and functionality. But if its true that the N-Series wont have a touchpad, menu-keyboard, etc. I ask myself, whatfor I will need the rest of the keyboard? "Only" typing. The other functions (menu, navigation, esc., etc.) would be installed at the touchscreen. Refering this I think, that the virtual keyboard with the "word-wipe-into-the-text-function" could be similar awesome like the physical keyboard.... I will have a look at both devices and will decide which one will be looking better in my wet hands...:-)
    I have a playbook and it will be upgraded to BB10/QNX... an additional physical keyboard on my device (N-Series) could be very alluring prospect...:-)
    The worthwile solution would be a L-Series Slider with physical keyboard!!! :-)
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    12-04-12 03:45 AM
  25. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    Here's the thing I've learned these past few months while I've been on my Mobile Nations World Tour, trying out the competition (and also spending a lot of time on the BB10 Dev Alpha)....

    Great typing on a smartphone isn't just the result of a great keyboard, it's also the result of a great typer.

    As a guy who has always LOVED physical keyboards, I'm now also very comfortable and pretty darn fast on touchscreen keyboards too. And I'm also comfortable on all of them. I'm fast on the iPhone. I'm fast on Android (Swiftkey 3), I'm ok on the Windows Phone 8 keyboard (my least favorite) and I really love typing on the BB10 touchscreen keyboard... which is REALLY awesome after last week's update.

    The thing is, for each of those touchscreen keyboards, I didn't just pick them up and be immediately good on them. I consciously said to myself... "ok, i'm going to learn how to this keyboard wants me to type" and from there I spent some time figuring it out. And it always worked. For the iPhone 5, I had to quit typing with two fingers and just go with one thumb as fast I could (autocorrection works best this way). For Swiftkey 3, I had to tweak the settings a bit... reducing the press and hold time for alternate characters (by default it was way too long a pause, which screwed up my typing rhythm - lessening the time means you have to type fast and with little lag, but it makes the keyboard very quick overall). Windows Phone 8 I had to change how I held the phone - literally the keyboard would always close on me by accident due to the location of the stupid back button, so I had to arch my hands up higher which helped me out a lot, as the keyboard on that phone is a little tall (too tall IMO, but with my physical adjustments, it fixed it up). And for the BB10 keyboard, it just took a little practice too to decide when to use the swipe function, and when not too. I quickly figured out that I type too fast with my thumbs (when going with both hands) to even look at the word suggestions for swiping -- unless it was a big hard to spell word -- so I pretty much ignore them when two thumb typing. But when typing with only one hand, then I find I like the ability to swipe up words (in that case it speeds me up).

    Long story short, I think these days you **can** make a touchscreen keyboard work for you. But you need to commit to it and practice. If you don't... you just want to avoid using it more than you have to -- which is what a lot of people do these days. A physical keyboard is always awesome. You don't think about not replying to a message. You just too. You never have anxiety that "oh my god i don't feel like typing out a big response on this touchscreen". But I have found that for myself at least, on touchscreens I'm no longer avoiding sending big emails or messages. I do it.

    So for me, I'm thinking on BB10 the bigger real estate of the L-Series will be worth it as the touchscreen keyboard is very good. Good enough that the extra screen size will outweigh the benefits of always having a physical keyboard there, but a smaller screen.

    But I say that now.... and I haven't spend much time on the N series enough to say otherwise yet. So we'll see. I think this is one of those questions we'll have to revisit once we can get both phones in our hands and spend some real time on them.
    12-04-12 07:27 AM
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