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    My phone upgraded to OS 2 weeks ago (AT&T automatic update), and it has been very problematic since then. As a high level summary:

    xx the battery drains like crazy. I have tried any number of solutions found on Crackberry and other message boards to limit the battery drain, but it just doesn't work. The device monitor indicates that "standby" eats up most of the battery life. This wasn't the case before the update (I used to be able to use the phone all day... now it's nearly dead by 9 am). Some of the forum posts indicated that it would be like this for a few days after the update, as the phone syncs... but nothing has gotten better in two weeks.

    xx the phone freezes and hiccups all of the time. Few videos play seamlessly without frequent pauses. Also, sometimes the phone doesn't ring when people call -- the phone must be in a freeze during the call, because it will go right to voicemail, and I didn't even have an opportunity to pick it up.

    xx The text messaging feature frequently stops working. I can see received texts in my Hub listing, but I can't actually open the text conversation. It acts like it's opening it, but then stays on the Hub listing. Also, sometimes I can open the text conversation, but replying won't work. The mail icon (for sending) stays darkened even when I've typed text. In all of these instances, the only way to get things working is to reset the phone.

    xx I get no notifications when there are voicemails waiting for me. I have to proactively check voicemail to see if there are messages (which, combined with the phone-not-ringing issue, creates problems).

    xx My phone mysteriously puts periods and capitals and even when I haven't double-typed.

    I connected with someone at AT&T via chat, and they basically said to wipe the phone or contact the provider. Blackberry says to contact the carrier. So basically, no one can help.

    I just want to know if there is a way to make this phone work properly. I was very excited to get a Blackberry because of the keyboard. I am/was a "true believer" and endure a lot of wise cracks b/c I have a Blackberry and no one else does. I am willing to forgo all of the many apps and bells and whistles that are available for other phones (and even endure the phone constantly resetting b/c I put it down too hard, and the battery apparently jostles -- something I've never seen on another phone) because it is more powerful for email and other business uses. However, if the functionality of the essential, nuts-and-bolts features of the device don't work properly, I can't see how it is practical to keep this phone.

    Has anyone had a similar experience, and can anyone help me make this phone work the way a phone in the year 2014 should work?

    04-30-14 11:58 AM
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    Wiping the phone and reloading the OS is the only way to fix those issues. Sorry. I know you don't like the idea, but its the truth.
    Download the newest OS you can find in the forums....follow this guide and just do it.

    I never ever did an OTA download and I never experienced some of the things you are having trouble with. Always loaded my own OS. ATT has got it wrong. Fix it yourself.
    04-30-14 12:04 PM

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