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    My review on q10 written on the app docs to go. For those undecided weather buy it or not.


    I received my q10 on early February. My purchase reason was that I was sick and tired of battery draining on my former Samsung Galaxy S3, which was more switched off than on, furthermore, slow as and with so many apps to do basic things that I would spend half an hour to look for a Gmail app, or etc. In addition to it, I have previously owned a Bold 9900, and some day, after a year, it was no longer working. I threw out, bought an S3, also had an IPhone 4 as a gift but end up giving away as well cause I really am not an apple user and didn't like the phone. Overall, I'd say that the Bold used to be the best phone I ever owned, now I gladly say it's the q10.
    I made the decision on buying a q10, because the Z30 or Classic was out of my budget, after analysing and reading reviews I've purchased and could no longer be happier with my decision. (My return to BlackBerry was with the launch of the strange looking Passport and the OS 10.3) all I thought of it, was. "The company is still making phones after all and looks so impressive."

    First impressions
    After unpacking, my first reaction was. "Oh boy, this phone is really small, such a tiny screen". After the initial shock, the keyboard was bit rough to type, I thought it needs some practice on typing. The learning curve of gesture operate mode didn't take long to adapt. It definitely does not feel cheap as it was the S3(just plastic), but it's not even close to the feel of holding a Bold. Overall, weight and size felt very agreeable. The apps out of package is just amazingly well selected and it's all I needed to start with it.

    After some time operating and getting used to it, I did notice that I have less apps to function in my phone. The smooth speed, battery performance of the phone and overall content gave me the same pleasure of owning a mobile phone in the same way that OS Linux gave me back the pleasure of turning my computer on. For those who uses Windows and have to format a computer from yearly and as time passes by you doing it monthly. Hardly boot, slow, freezes and your pc is not quite old yet to be replaced but no longer functions. The hub integration is amazing, and unlikely a Android, when you get notifications, It does not slow down your phone. The hub is one of the things that every phone should have. They had a vision of what a smart phone ought to be in developing that.
    The keyboard is smooth, it's nice to type and after sometime as it gets softer. One feature that I always had off was the text predictions, one because give the words you don't need, or auto correct itself by replacing words. I've always disliked text predictions and at the beginning I did do the same thing, specially because my phone is set up in two languages, however, soon after I decided to give a try, and shortly I can confirm that the text predictions are amazing(and with a huge dictionary even using two languages) and does not change the word automatically as most phones out there does.
    The feel of the phone is really pleasant, had a few times I thought I lost because couldn't feel it in my pocket, not only because of its lightweight, but rather the fact that isn't the long and huge phone of the standard in the market .(that occupies a huge space in your pocket). I don't want ever have a bigger phone than this. Hopefully they will find a niche in the market for small devices or at least an update of Q10 in the future.
    The screen size, I can guarantee that's the right size and what most regular people need, but, instead of focusing in the size, I can say that size does not matter if the quality is a way superior than was my S3 Android.(at least for my needs). It's sharp, media wise it's fine, the reading content is wonderful that I even fancy to read e-books now when I'm on the way(but I prefer paper book regardless), despite its tiny screen, the quality is so wonderful that gives more pleasure of watching YouTube or checking picture in here than in my previous phone. I definitely can't recommend if you plan to watch a whole movie on your phone nor if you a graphic designer and always need your phone for picture edition but I'd reply they invented 15" and above screen size for those purposes. But to watch day to day staff, or check pictures, it's absolutely fine.
    Audio call and media sound. Superb. The best communication device I ever owned, sharp sound, fantastic quality sound call and ring tones that comes up with it are not many, but it's well selected. (After all, I don't need to choose 500 of them, but I do have a choice if I want to do it)
    BBM, I think it's incredibly useful how you can add people without having to give up your personal details, plus you get the security offered that none of those messengers are up for the task. Very useful to keep in touch with your team (small business owners) without having to add one by one staff contact phone number in your phone. Just add a pin, and ready to go, you have a work group. Also, for all those users looking for an alternative messenger that can keep it more "private" in a way. (that can be useful for the wrong purposes as well).
    Security was one of the main reasons why I've gone back to BlackBerry, I simply don't trust the idea of leaving all your login password and accounts open all the time, or apps that wants to sync stuff for the sake of doing. I finally can say my FB for the first time is logged in my phone, and as I turned off notifications, it doesn't bother me at all. The security is the same reason why I ended up using Linux.
    And guess what Android users? I don't get malware ads from websites anymore. I actually can surf in the Web, not open every second page getting mal wares, ad pages or congratulations, your phone was selected and now you're a millionaire.

    Surfing in web, surprise me how HTML5 is fast and doesn't need flash plugin to operate. There's no comparison with the S3. It feels ancient if I compare, but is not fair in saying that the S3 Web browser is a fossil.
    The camera? It's very good, fair with the competition and if you browse people out there has done several reviews on it. The came icon is just there, no need to browse all over the place and it's efficient to take pictures, quite ideal for photo journalism if you don't have anything of superior quality with you in hand.
    By the way, my productivity has definitely increased, my dependency on laptop to answer emails, write texts (such as this one) and basic online stuff has decreased as I can really get things done in this small portable phone. I don't have to wait all day to go home and turn on my laptop in order to answer emails or write.
    I use my phone for a lot of writing purposes, poetry in particular, something that I gave up on Android but was always active on Bold. Also, am a student of business, always reading and writing notes or keeping useful cases and websites in my phone.
    For work, unfortunately I don't need a phone, as I am a pastry cook, but using phone in the kitchen is to actually take pictures of either recipes or food presentation. Nothing fancy, chefs don't get to use much of their phones.
    The app ecosystem, well, I can't say that BlackBerry offers a lot, but the little of what they offer, it does have a lot of quality in the apps designed, I even paid for some, because you can tell the guys put a lot of effort in some of them. However, I don't need 12 text messengers, 500 wallpapers, 5 types of messengers or 10 media players. As I said, I prefer quality than quantity and while Android does have a lot of apps, I would say that to find one good one is getting harder by day. Unfortunately seems that Google allows everyone to put their apps there, and some are clearly unfinished or does not fit the purpose of why you've downloaded in the first place, forcing you to try as many as you can until you find a suitable one for your needs. If they don't crash as well. On saying that, you can get Android for free in moving to BlackBerry if you really dependant on all those messengers and media players. I do have some downloaded through Amazon appstore, and they don't crash, yet, I prefer to support the BlackBerry developers as I'm using their system after all. It's like when you use Wine to run Windows software but can't give dual boot. I don't rely on Windows, but I rather look for alternatives and variations of the same software designed for my OS, same principles applies on phone, unless I can't find alternatives, I would go to install Android.
    However, I found all my app needs, some without having to install, only developed through web browser (Uber as example), some that I clearly didn't need but had on Android for the sake of having and a lot else I could replace by something else, that does better or equivalent but nonetheless inferior than Android apps. (I'm not saying they all amazing, but saying that the ones I need gets the job done).
    Overall, unless you need widgets, 500 apps in your phone, I definitely can recommend the BlackBerry system without hesitation. I also thought of the same thing before moving back. "How about the apps?" and when you find out that you don't need apps such as Gmail, file manager, adobe or calculator in your phone because it's already there, out of the box, all you have to do is to register your email. The only annoying thing about the apps is when you check the BlackBerry world and apps are listed there, but not available for your specific device. Despite all of them having the same operational system.


    After a month, with the latest release OS firmware update, a battery that I never have to turn my phone off if I want it to last, cause can work on all day along, surfing in the web, productivity, media and calling. I do carry a portable charger, but all day also does not mean eight hours or less of battery. If you are unsure about, my response would be that just reading reviews are not enough to make up your mind, but if you really decide to buy, you won't regret. Yes, a lot of people face issues such as double typing, latest OS compatibility, bugs or battery draining, but you also have to consider that even with the cons that some users may have, not all face the same issues and a majority of users are content with their devices. I've switched from Android, and I don't miss a thing, specially because I also can access the android app store and run on my phone without a problem. Now, however, if you're really locked within your OS and you don't think you can change, you bother in coming here, reading and asking because part of you wants a change, just go for it and give a try, it's up to you to decide weather the phone will suit your needs or not.
    While I'm here to post more pros than cons, the only thing that I don't really like is the incompatibility of apps within the BlackBerry world itself. With apps designed for passport or classic but not for q10 or z10.
    I agree that most OS systems have problems, they're definitely not all perfect, but if you happy in giving up the big screen phone, you may get used to the small screen in a short time. It's all about getting used to things. I'm content with my phone and definitely can say I'm a returning "crackberry". All phones have its ups and downs, drains and other issues. Do not feel discouraged in giving a try by reading the cons in this forum that a lot of say, because in the end it's up to you to decide if the phone suits your needs or not.
    I'm a crackberry because I prioritise security and productivity, can definitely say it's the best communication device I've used up to date. It's far from a perfect phone, but the pros are greater than the cons.
    Android users undecided or want a change, you can download Android apps and have a device that won't slow down over time, and definitely can increase your productivity, it all depends on your lifestyle. (you still can consider touchscreens or passport)

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    03-05-15 02:58 AM
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    Great personal review and insights. I agree with your thoughts and experience same as mine. Let's cheers to that.

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