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    Yesterday suddenly my q10 phone [P1] lost network coverage. All else is working properly on the phone, including WiFi. I backed up the phone, and then updated to 10.3.1 successfully. I thought it might help fix the network coverage issue, even though I did put my SIM into a colleague's phone and it did receive coverage, and hers in mine did not.

    This is what I get when connecting P1. Even though in the phone I can access my contacts, notes, etc., it actually doesnt back up properly. It produces the backup file, however works until about 60% and then finishes the backing process abruptly, even though it says "Backup complete (...) in the lower left end and there is a file created in the assigned folder.Restoring issues to a new q10 & problems with updating to 10.3.1-pd1.png.

    Then, I got a new q10 phone [P2] and tried to recover and update both ways: by first updating to 10.3.1 and then restoring, and vice versa. Neither works.
    When restoring from P1, as mentioned above, either before updating P1 to 10.3.1 or after updating (but after the network coverage issue), the restore goes without error, however there is absolutely nothing from contacts, settings, etc. actually copied from P1 to P2. Actually, this is what I get. Do I need to update the phone to the same OS version that I used when I did the backup? If so, how can I know which one it was, and where can I find it...
    Restoring issues to a new q10 & problems with updating to 10.3.1-pd3.png

    As for the updaring issue, the new q10 (actually both phones are p9983, in case that matters), downloads the Software Update - 1.5GB file, then goes to step 2 of 2 when it is installing it, and then it stops at 98% (it took about 3 hours to reach that) I tried to wipe it and to it again, with the same result.
    I tried to update it from Blackberry Link, with this result:
    Restoring issues to a new q10 & problems with updating to 10.3.1-pd2.png

    Basically have these two questions:
    - Can you advise if I am doing anything wrong with the update process and what should I do to have it updated?
    - What are my options for restoring my contacts, notes, etc.

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    02-21-15 08:48 PM
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    Can anyone help?
    02-22-15 05:35 AM
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    Solved myself.

    It seems to be a good idea to wait a few days after an official update, of course if there are no security vulnerabilities addressed.
    Finally managed to update on the 5th time, and then was able to recover my data. Seems that in order to recover from a device that had more up-to-date software, one has to update at least to the version of the given device.
    02-22-15 07:35 PM

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