1. isupreme7's Avatar
    I recently updated my Q10 to OS 10.2 and it kept freezing. Prior to updating I did a backup and after updating I did another back up. Every time I attempted to use an app or go in to my messages it was taking a while before it would open up. my cell phone provider tach support suggested a wipe. And Since I have not been able to restore my local contacts. I have been provided with 2 new phones and still can not restore my local contacts is there something that can be done to restore these contacts?
    04-05-14 08:52 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    If you want to try a partial Restore, I believe local Contacts are stored with Settings.

    Before you try anything else, Restart your PC and reset your Q10.

    Reset Q10 by holding down top key. Ignore onscreen options, keep holding top button.
    After the red LED turns on, then off, release the key immediately.
    04-05-14 09:37 PM

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