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    I've had some trouble* with battery drain and am going to wipe my device. I would like to save some very minimal things like my Contacts. On the Custom Backup, what saves what? I see Application Date, Media, Settings, Application Data (Enterprise), Media (Enterprise), and Settings (Enterprise). Which one of those saves only my Contacts?



    *I think this stems from when I started sideloading Android apps. The battery drain, even though I made adjustments to the settings, became a nightmare once I upgraded to I wiped my device and restored it to the last backup. This solved the battery drain nightmare but now I was getting 15 "Account Info Needed" notifications all at once about once a day. I'm guessing some of those are ghost notifications from the now-deleted Android apps, but it's hard to say because "External" always takes me to a blank page. My hope is I wipe again but instead of restoring all the memory I only restore the very basics.
    06-16-14 11:22 AM
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    Use the app "Backup Pro" in BlackBerry World.

    CrackBerry did an article on it a few hours ago. Checkout the front page of CrackBerry.com.

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    06-16-14 11:33 AM

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