1. m2k_mz's Avatar
    These are my current daily problems which I hope will be resolved in
    the next updates

    - Has anyone tried saving a picture in feeds or channels? I normal have to go through
    3-4 screens before getting the save picture button. Then 3-4 screens to return to where you
    were and continue reading the rest. This is crazy.


    - If someone replies to a comment you made you will not be able to see or read the reply.

    - (5) New Stories button. That annoying button that appears as you are reading your fb
    and you cannot get rid of it unless you click on it.

    - Sometimes a post has 10 comments but when you open
    to see the comments it shows as blank. Weird.

    - In fb messages write a small text, add a smiley, swipe to the right... swoosh message disappears.


    - If not the most urgent of all and should really be sorted asap is the Hotspot issue which
    happened after the latest upgrade.
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    03-13-15 10:45 AM
  2. Spinal's Avatar
    I just hope they implement dark hub theme and fix BB Protect, the OS has a lot of changes to go, all we can do is wait.
    03-14-15 12:02 AM

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