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    Guys, I have been rocking with my Q10 since it came out in the uk, I want to buy the passport but won't have the means, so my thinking is: how could I pimp up my Q10 and if you guys have done something similar to personalise and refresh your "old" phone.
    Myself got so far as buying a new battery, bigger microsd card and a new screen protector. I would love repainting or rehousing my phone but that's just expensive.
    Any ideas?

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    08-11-14 05:31 AM
  2. Draven2666's Avatar
    Refreshing your Q10-crackberry-image.jpg

    Not my image cause my SD card is out at the moment. But I did this to my q10. It only cost about $44 with shipping. You get the housing and a keyboard. Here is the link


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    08-11-14 05:40 AM
  3. crackavelli's Avatar
    The gold bezel would definitely look sick with an all white housing.

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    08-11-14 08:30 AM
  4. Mr Zed's Avatar
    The gold bezel would definitely look sick with an all white housing.

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    Refreshing your Q10-imag0019.jpg


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    08-11-14 08:31 AM
  5. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    There are different bezels available online, a couple of fellow Crackberry users for example went with a matte silver bezel to give their Q10 the classic Bold look back.
    As for screen protectors you might try a tempered glass one, they are completely different from your standard plastic protectors.

    For the memory card I'd sure also have a look at the speed, not only at the capacity. Though the Q10 shouldn't process too many larger data masses, it should still be a better option.
    08-11-14 10:59 AM

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