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    hi there

    i would just like someone to simply tell me yes or no.. i recently recorded a bunch of videos at an event.. most recorded fine.. the 2 that "failed to record" i believe was the message on the screen, were over 4gb , but i dont think the size is an issue as i had one video over 4.1 gb which recorded fine ... i think the 2 that failed i pressed the top power button at the end instead of any keyboard button or volume button to end the recording.. anyway i have 2 videos which are saved to the media card but will not play... there are hd video repair programs out there but those are designed for like sony,gopro ect... not blackberry

    my question is, can or will these videos be salvageable one day? should i hold on to them just in case? i want to know if its possible that maybe in the upcoming months or something, there will be a program designed to repair unwatchable blackberry recordings

    thanks very much
    06-18-14 10:33 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Sorry, it's not a simple yes or no. However, there is a CHANCE you can save some of the videos but it can't be done on device. You're going to need to try and repair the file on a computer. There's several MP4 repair programs out there, some are free... some are paid.
    06-18-14 12:22 PM
  3. al3982's Avatar
    thanks for responding
    i think i tried almost all the main mp4 programs that i googled for including yodot.hd video repair and the grau software repair program.. i've searched other forums where people had similar issues with their blackberry recordings and others could not give them a reliable solution .. i guess the impression from you is that i should hold on to the video files for now

    since the files are large, i'm assuming there is data on them otherwise the video file would be 0 kb, though i'm no expert .. i would just feel so good if i knew the files could be repaired somehow.. biggest mistake i made was pressing the wrong button to end the video but still its irritating the file couldn't somehow save either onto the device or the media card
    06-18-14 02:32 PM
  4. al3982's Avatar
    anyone else possibly know a solution?
    06-20-14 11:15 PM

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