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    I am talking about the Mugen external battery case, NOT the extended 4400mAh battery.

    So I'm stoked that my Q10 is on the way, I figured if I'm switching to Verizon for the Priv I might as well have a backup phone incase I decide I can't live with Android and need BB10 in my life. And it's great that a 4400mAh battery exists, 4250mah on my Transform Ultra was great but the phone itself blows. I found out that there's a 2200mah slim battery, and since I don't care how large my phone is so long as it's got lots of juice, there's also a 3000mah external battery case for it made by Mugen, so 5200mah if my math serves correctly. 5200 > 4400, winner winner chicken dinner.

    My question is, if I were to not have the slim 2200mah battery installed, but just had the 3000mah external case on the phone, would the device still power up and function normally as if there wasn't any contraband hidden inside the device? So like I could take it to concerts and stuff?
    10-24-15 11:15 PM
  2. skstrials's Avatar
    First of all, there is loss in electricity during charging that is lost to heat, so you will never get the full advertised amount of mah on any type of chargers.

    Secondly, you will always require an internal battery in the Q10 in order for the charger case to work.

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    10-24-15 11:54 PM
  3. anischab's Avatar
    Consider ther OEM Battery bundle. The battery lasts a day. So if heavy use, you have a 2nd byttery. You can either charge with it or swap it.
    10-25-15 12:25 AM

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