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    I have been using the Z10 for about a month now and today I bought a Q10 to see how I like it. At first I thought that both devices were almost identical software experience wise but after using the Q10 for a little while, it seems they are slightly different in terms of speed. Coming from a Z10, the Q10 feels faster. On the Z10 I would occasionally get a stuttery animation when swiping out of apps or in the browser, on the Q10 however everything is buttery smooth. I have yet to see something stutter. Both devices are on the latest software from and both onsame carrier (Q10SQN100-3/ on the Q10)

    Overal it seems to me that BlackBerry has polished the OS on the Q10 a little more. Hopefully when 10.2 comes out for the Z10, it'll become just as buttery smooth as its qwerty sibling.

    I think I'm personally going to stick to a Q10 for a little while. The keyboard is just amazing and the smaller screen doesn't affect me too much. The only time I miss the larger display is when I'm Web browsing but even then, the Q10 is more than usable.

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    07-15-13 07:09 PM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    I had he Z10 then pick up the Q10 and in my opinion the Q is faster to navigate. I believe the screen size has a lot to do with that and also the keyboard.

    As far as the Z goes it's a nice device but the full screen tends to slow me down.

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    07-15-13 07:19 PM

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