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    Ting is a MVNO on the Sprint network, and they have some of the best pricing around. Seriously, my average bill is $20 after fees and taxes. One glaring hole in their lineup is the lack of BlackBerry devices. It looks as though this may have changed. According to some recent discussion on the Ting forums, you can now use a Q10 on Ting's network. The device is not officially supported, but one user said they had no issues. Here's the most relevant part of the thread:

    I just wanted to share publicly my appreciation for the awesome staff here at Ting! I have been given the OK to let you know that although they can't officially support it, you can activate and use a Sprint BlackBerry Q10 on Ting.

    I was given the opportunity a few months ago to test this out for Ting. If you have a Sprint Q10 you can enter the ESN into the normal Ting activation process and it should work. The phone I had activated itself with no problems, and I've been using it ever since!

    My phone was not previously activated on Sprint, and I was able to use the SIM card that it came with. I do not know for a fact if that would be the case with a phone that is currently on Sprint, if anyone would like to chime in on that.
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    08-06-14 02:29 PM
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    Old BBOS devices require a special plan, BB10 devices do not... so in many cases if "any" device will work a BlackBerry should also.

    $20 a month!!!! Too bad I'm tied to big RED due to coverage needs.
    08-06-14 02:51 PM
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    Posted on other thread. Took the Sim out of a broken ting device and put in my old att unlocked z10 and it works fine on ting. Less then 20 dollars a month to have backup phone. Great deal.
    06-24-18 03:11 PM

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