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    Q10: I may be using the AT&T version of the Q10 on T-Mobile.

    1. Does voice calling over Wi-Fi work with T-Mo SIM?

    2. Can the sw version used by T-Mo (and with T-Mo SIM) do voice calling over Wi-Fi ?

    Going to get a used Q10, and would like to know whether I'll have the same problem I had with my 9900. The 9900 had AT&T Vendor ID, but was unlocked.

    Put a T-Mobile SIM in the 9900, and it worked on cellular, just not any 3G since they had different 3G bands. But that didn't bother me.

    But I couldn't make voice calls over Wi-Fi. T-Mobile said, OS 7.1 was needed, and gave the version number. I finally had to force-load the sw (thanks to the CB folks that provided the steps). But it still didn't make voice calls over Wi-Fi with the T-Mo SIM and with the AT&T Vendor ID that was burned in.

    Wikipedia has info on the Q10 models (GSM and CDMA) and bands. But doesn't comment about Vendor ID or sw versions.
    BlackBerry Q10 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    07-17-13 07:20 PM
  2. teufel_hunden_'s Avatar
    T Mobile has wifi calling, not AT&T. I have AT&T, wifi calling isn't an option. Put your T Mobile SIM in the Q10 and you will get the OS from T Mobile.

    Posted from my Z10 via CB10
    07-17-13 08:03 PM
  3. George_B's Avatar
    Thanks, teufel_hunden_

    My question is, will a Q10 (sold for AT&T use) be able to - with a T-Mo SIM - make voice calls on Wi-Fi?

    I have a 9900, unlocked,, with the AT&T Vendor ID burned in, that works fine over _cellular_ with T-Mo SIM.

    On Wi-Fi, it does NOT permit voice calls (with T-Mo SIM in).

    I don't want to run into the same problem with the Q10, so I asked if anyone has experience using a Q10 (obtained through AT&T), trying to make voice calls on Wi-Fi with a T-Mo SIM.
    07-18-13 12:39 PM
  4. teufel_hunden_'s Avatar
    Yes, as long as when you put in your T Mobile SIM you get their latest OS update, you will have no problems. Are you buying it unlocked or are you going to unlock it yourself?

    Posted from my Z10 via CB10
    07-18-13 06:37 PM
  5. bluestainedpuma's Avatar
    No wifi calling yet on the Q10. Should be added with 10.2, maybe.

    Posted via CB10
    07-20-13 03:35 PM
  6. rambo47's Avatar
    I believe you need the T-Mobile version of the os to get UMA calling. Just popping in your TMO SIM card will NOT change the os on the device. You can, however, download and install the T-Mobile version of the os for your Q10. You just have to do it manually.
    07-20-13 05:12 PM
  7. teufel_hunden_'s Avatar
    It depends which OS is higher. If the T Mobile one is higher then all you have to do is put the SIM in and check for an update.

    Posted from my Z10 via CB10
    07-20-13 08:38 PM
  8. Myi66081's Avatar
    Just got the Q10 from at&t and using my TMobile sim card, everything works fine except for two things, one is the browser doesn't work when I'm on a phone call, it goes into edge and no LTE data, I'm fine with that, I don't care for it to work, but my main concern is, that the wifi calling is automatically enabled on the phone as soon as I stick my TMobile sim card and there's no option to turn it off so if I'm not connected to a WiFi network then k see the WiFi network for wifi calling on the top of my screen, and once it connects to a WiFi network it automatically connects to a WiFi calling call.
    I have a Q20 ( or what we call the classic and its unlocked, which has the app for wifi calling and allows me to turn it on and off.).
    I'm assuming it's my TMobile sim which is giving the wifi calling option and the app is not something you can download?
    Any takes on this would be amazing! Thanks guys.
    10-06-19 03:54 AM

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