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    Trying to overcome the constant and unfixable dropping of Wifi network (auto-disable) problem I restarted the Q10 with the power button - bam, it wipes EVERYTHING back to factory. OS version is on an SQN-100-3.

    It was plugged into the PC at the time and I had done a firmware push to it yesterday so BB-Link was running (but not doing anything) and the PC had been bounced since then. The firmware push was required as it was just cycling through its previous update cycle over and over and over and over again, it seems to be trying to chew up as much 4G data as it possibly can.

    Anyone have any ideas or should I dump this thing completely?

    UPDATE - it's frying all local data and config on every restart now. I can't restart the phone without it destroying absolutely everything, I don't know if it's done the SD card too but it's unusable now.
    05-01-15 01:24 AM
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    I ran the fixer utility mentioned at (KB36747-All data is deleted following a manual restart of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone and a blue LED is displayed during boot up) - it continued to self-wipe a few times and then it kicked off the "you just bought a blackberry" initial setup screen which it hadn't before - it seems to have stopped destroying itself for the moment but I'm still not confident that it won't keep dropping the Wifi configuration constantly, I have three other devices on that link and they all remain connected without issue.
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    05-01-15 02:29 AM
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    You are screwed. Sorry
    05-02-15 05:55 AM

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