10-14-14 09:05 AM
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    This used to happen to my Q10, all the time. Slightest bump, placing down on hard or soft surfaces. But, hasn't happened ONCE since my simple fix. Imagine you remove battery door & place down on a table screen down & are looking @ the battery. I cut a small small strip of plastic (from a "service key fob" from Honda, but could be from a credit card etc) the width of the battery x the thickness of the battery & wedged it in @ the gap between the "top" of the battery, opposite the connectors. Seems to hold battery in place very snug & now doesn't even reset if I were to drop it on to the floor. Works flawlessly now for me, give it a shot.
    Q10 restarts when I place down in hard surface.-img_20141013_141653.jpg

    Posted via CB10 on my Q10
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    10-13-14 05:21 PM
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    It's happened to me, but I bought a defense case from ebay for 5.00 bucks and two days later dropped my phone and nothing happened it's all good!!!

    Renzo G
    10-14-14 09:05 AM
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