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    I have a White/Gold Blackberry Q10 with cracked display. The phone owner dropped phone from window (second floor) and display is cracked. Then he brought the phone to my repair company for change display. I have a white display in stock and try to change. Display works fine, but with one small problem. Display does not turn off when i place phone to ear in phone mode. But in BBVE sensor test is react by hands move and sensor is "GOOD". I install the sensor from cracked display and he works same - test is ok, display dont turn off in phone mode.
    Also i have a black Q10 for repair. I install the black display with sensor from it to white Q10 - everything is fine, test is OK, display turn off and turn on in phone mode. I installed both sensors from new white display and cracked with black display - everything is fine.
    I think the problem with new white display, because all sensors work incorrect only with this new display. But i do not understand this problem.
    Somebody, prompt please, how to solve this problem.
    Sorry for my English.
    11-12-14 09:13 PM

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