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    Just migrated from WebOS and Meego.
    I love the Q10 and BB10 is, in my opinion, the most advanced and mature OS out there.
    Anyway, under 10.1 the APN could not easily be changed. The engineering screen allowed it but MMS settings were untouchable.
    10.2.1 changed that so now prepaid is possible. Here are the settings that work for me:
    APN - att.mvno
    Username & Passsword - blank

    MMSC URL - h t t p : / / mmsc.cingular dot com (ie: remove the spaces and add .com at the end, had to write it as forum sees it as link)
    Proxy URL - wireless.cingular dot com:80 (ie: .com:80)
    Proxy Username & password - blank

    At $30/mth with essentially 1000 mins, 3G data (500Mb) SMS, MMS, international SMS and a $5 credit for direct dialing international calls it's a bit hard to beat. Just got my wife a Q10 also, she is on the $40 plan for 1GB of data.
    Both phones are locked AT&T as H2o uses that network.

    I say again: I love the Q10
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    10-22-14 09:33 AM
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    Thanks for sharing. From the many Straight Talk threads, it was clear that AT&T was locking the MMS setting down, so glad to see 10.2.1 gets around that. Which 10.2.1 do you have installed, specifically?
    10-22-14 10:17 AM
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    One is 3014, I will check the other.

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    10-25-14 02:23 PM

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