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    I must say this is a pretty sweet successor to the iconic BlackBerry design in both hardware & software. (although I think my spacebar needs replacement)

    I consider myself a power user (since the 1st Gen Pearl) and I noticed that some minute shortcuts/features were left in and some were left out, so I started making a list of the features I'd like BlackBerry to bring back:

    *please correct me if I overlooked anything from this list and it really is in the OS, and feel free to add to the conversation*

    - font choices (I miss BB Japanese Gothic, font smoothing, and bold italic!)
    - music EQ in stock music player
    - highlight with shift button & scroll down/up
    - alternate list view for music (like OS 7.1 or when looking at apps in BlackBerry World)
    - delete messages options (handheld, handheld & mailbox)
    - hub shortcuts (like OS 7.1 messages app): u for next unread message
    - hub additions: saved messages folder, keyboard support for accounts under hub that associate with letter on keyboard (like pulling up the menu bar on OS7.1 and pressing 'c' to cycle thru copy, cut, close, etc
    - calender quick access option (like Playbook OS 2.1)
    - where's BlackBerry Wallet???
    - save default location where to save a file: docs to docs folder, pics to pics folder, etc
    - to maximize screen-estate, incorporate PlayBook corner swipe gesture to hide/unhide menu bar

    That's all I've picked up so far...other than that, BB10.1 on the Q is a freakin, awesome, sweet, breath of fresh air of a mobile computing platform that reminds me why I've been hooked since 2006!

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    06-13-13 01:31 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Nice write up!
    07-29-13 12:00 AM
  3. ikiyen's Avatar
    Just bring back the menu buttons and trackpad.
    07-29-13 12:07 AM
  4. KitJackson67's Avatar
    - highlight with shift button & scroll down/up
    - delete messages options (handheld, handheld & mailbox)

    Posted via CB10[/QUOTE]

    Those are the two from your list I miss the most and wish they would bring back.
    07-29-13 01:18 AM
  5. Vampickle's Avatar
    I loved the trackpad and menu button but to bring them into the current Q10 would seem almost degenerating to the screensize and it would look ridiculous to just have 2 keys instead of the full layout of what came with it.

    With the 9780 as reference, I could copy and paste text so easily like almost instantly with the use of those shortcuts of copy and pasting as well as highlighting.

    The way to bring it back could probably be like Blackberry Dev Team implementing virtual modes of those keys or a native app written for it. But consideration would be whether if it's possible to 'emulate' the trackpad along with it's acceleration and stuff with the same touchscreen in a virtual boundary.
    07-29-13 01:44 AM
  6. jaglenn's Avatar
    I really need a folder on Home to store emails! The only thing I am missing
    08-10-14 10:47 PM

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