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    Blackberry Q10 gets a March release date at Carphone Warehouse- The Inquirer

    It's possible that Carphone Warehouse made a mistake, or that March refers to a preorder period, but at least we know that the Q10 won't be delayed in the UK like it is stateside

    EDIT: It's a blunder on Carphone Warehouse's part. They've corrected it. I guess it's April/May after all.
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    03-12-13 10:40 AM
  2. somenextgeezer's Avatar
    Spoke to someone at EE today, he didn't seem very confident when asked about the Q10's release date...his reply, "probably next month, but it might be anytime towards the end of this month."

    My take of this would be, realistically early April, but if I'm being optimistic, the very end of March. All I know is that as soon as it's available, I'll be ordering one!
    03-12-13 10:55 AM
  3. pastycat's Avatar
    My upgrade with Orange is due in june, This wll most likely be my next phone! my berry has to have a keyboard!!! ;-)
    half the staff at orange have no idea what coming! your best talking to the tech upport guys as tyhey are a bit more clued up tha the normal phone staff!!
    03-12-13 11:37 AM
  4. Barljo's Avatar
    My local carrier (sort of UK, Manx Telecom) says "coming in May". Just throwing that out there for reference!
    03-12-13 11:51 AM
  5. machoman1337's Avatar
    Premature BlackBerry Q10 UK release a blunder | Product Reviews Net

    Damn, I guess Carphone did make a mistake after all
    03-12-13 12:39 PM

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