1. panamateur's Avatar
    I've been using a Q10 for about a week now. Compared to my Nexus 5, and before that an iPhone 4, reception, call quality, speakerphone and battery life are superb. It's also nice having the hardware QWERTY.

    However, I am very surprised at the poor responsiveness of the OS (I'm running

    For example, if I am in my work email account (MS exchange based) and I swipe and then select the hub, it returns to the email screen and takes a good 2-3 seconds in which I am wondering if I actually selected the hub before it comes up. Is this typical? Other functions are similarly slow in email.

    I have very little on the device other than a gmail account and an exchange account as the whole point was to keep the device as clean/fast as possible.

    Could this be caused by my exchange email account/its configuration?

    My experience of Android L on the Nexus 5, and iOS 7 on an iPhone 4 is that they were generally faster/more responsive.

    If this is typical with BB10, is 10.3.1 likely to help or make things worse? I have plenty of experience of iOS updates make iPhones less responsive!

    Thanks in advance for any comments for the newbie!
    12-19-14 09:45 AM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    I would think upgrading to 10.3.1 would make a big difference. Make sure you back up you contacts, messages, photos. When installing the new OS only reinstall those items and not any of the settings as these can also cause the phone to be sluggish.
    12-19-14 10:18 AM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    To be honest I find that doing a clean install tends to improve performance on a device.... over time BB10 does seem to get a little sluggish. And yes your exchange configurations could affect performance - especially if you don't limit the length of time you keep messages.

    10.3.1 is working pretty well on my Z10... and I don't really notice to any sluggishness (but I'm working off an installation that is only about 30 days old)

    But I will say that my wife's iPhone 6 performs very well... it will load the Weather App or the Browsers much faster than my two year old Z10.
    12-19-14 10:29 AM
  4. panamateur's Avatar
    Thanks I might try tweaking the exchange settings to see if this helps.
    I've just been looking at a colleague's Z10 and it is very quick by comparison, so I think there should be a way of speeding things up.
    I'll re-install the OS if this doesn't improve it.
    12-19-14 10:51 AM
  5. Joshu42's Avatar
    Q10SQN100-3/ here, 6 months old, no delay when switching from email account to any other HUB option, same in reverse. I'm not sure what can cause this for you.
    I guess you can check for app with "Run in the Background" permission and your Device Monitor. A tool which can interact with the HUB may be the culprit.
    I can't suggest you to install the last leak if the phone is your daily driver.
    12-19-14 10:59 AM
  6. panamateur's Avatar
    So I did a re-install and have not installed any apps on the device, I've just added my MS Exchange account, and all seems to be working very nicely compared to before. Thanks for the input.
    12-27-14 04:10 AM
  7. joewoo's Avatar
    Dude.. jus got straight to 10.3.1 then fiddle with the exchange... sooo much more enjoyable
    12-27-14 09:13 PM

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