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    I have my Q10 (DAC actually) for over a year and everything was fine. 2 days ago it had 60% of the battery charge, I plugged it into the charger and went to sleep. When I woke up, my phone showed that it had 0% of charge and shut down. I reconnected it to the charger and it showed that it is charging, but hours have passed, it still shows that battery is dead and not turning on.I thought that it was a charger issue. I tried another charger - same stuff. Than I assumed that it was a dead battery. I borrowed one from another Q10. It was fully charged, but my phone said that it was not charged and refused to power on. I tested my battery in that Q10 and it works perfectly.

    So it is the phones issue. Sometimes, when connected to power it tries to turn on, shows BB logo for 10 seconds, but than shuts down showing empty battery icon.

    I also tried to reload firmware. Reload was successful, but it did not solve the issue.

    Any thoughts how I can fix it?
    08-05-14 10:48 PM
  2. Damian Montero's Avatar
    I've found old blackberries (and sometimes the dev alpha) did this when they had been away for a while.

    plug them into a modern (ready something at least 4 years old) computer.
    Yep. A computer turned on with full blackberry link already installed.

    Then keep it on there. For maybe an hour (just go away from the computer.

    You'll come back with the Q10 fully charged and blackberry link trying to sync to it.
    08-08-14 05:35 PM

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