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    Have had Q10 for over a year. Suddenly I can't send pictures or receive by text. However, I can receive and send texts. Help!

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    11-08-14 10:01 PM
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    This may be a question for your carrier rather than us. I worked at an Optus shop for a year and a half and I saw this all the time with iPhones and Androids, and one Blackberry bold.

    What have you tried?
    - Airplane mode om/off
    - Restarting
    - Check/reset your APNs
    - Factory reset (Annoying and tedious, I know but it solves around 90% of the network problems I've seen)

    EDIT: Your carrier can reset your APNs for you if you're not confident doing it yourself, but if you'd like to give it a go the settings are usually just a brief Google search away.
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    11-08-14 10:06 PM

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