1. TomasTT's Avatar
    I had feeling several times in past, that my Q10 makes calls without my input, but always had phone in the hand and though that I probably touched it or so..
    Right now was phone on desk at front of me, screen was on as I checked mail few minutes ago and opened was call app. Without any touch started phone calling last person from my list. No touch by myself - simply it started phone call itself.

    Anybody experienced same thing? Tried to search it seems like it's not reported...

    My touchscreen is perfectly accurate - no misstouches or so. Quite strange. In past it always happened with phone call app running (opened).

    Posted using BlackBerry Q10
    12-18-13 04:47 PM
  2. b1gbleu's Avatar
    I had that a few times on my z30. two hours ago, rebooting it now
    12-18-13 06:13 PM

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