1. hammysg1's Avatar
    I am really hoping someone can help as I am being driven mad. I am using a BB Q10 running and a laptop running windows 10. I have bought a new Q10 and would like to transfer all my contacts, calendar, messages etc to my new one from my old Q10, which I believe I can do using blackberry link. I previously have used blackberry blend to back up individual photos etc but it appears I cannot use this to back up the whole phone and transfer it all to a new one.

    The problem is that when I run blackberry link it will not recognise my Q10 as connected. Windows detects it but it is labelled as disconnected in the BB link software. it will not allow me to remove this device and reconnect it. When I click remove it asks me to confirm and then it removes and immediately puts it back there in the window, labelling it 'disconnected' Ii have no problem connecting it to blackberry blend.

    I have read some posts saying that link will not work on windows 10 and the solution is to delete and re-install it but I cannot delete link without also deleting BB blend and that will lose all the files that I already have stored in the BB blend software.

    Does anyone know of a solution? I've been going round in circles for 3 hours now will no success. Is there any other simple way to transfer all the data from one Q10 phone to another?
    12-07-19 01:52 PM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar

    Follow whole thread. Something about SMB1 but read carefully. I’m no IT guy but this involves unblocking security fix or similar temporarily.
    12-07-19 02:42 PM

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