1. Bart kouwenberg's Avatar
    somehow the original Q10 headset isn't working anymore on my Q10. When i connect it to the phone and i want it to start playing music, i hear it connecting over and over again. It is recognizing the headset because the music wants to start, but it can't because the connection does not stay.

    Offcourse you will say that the jack is kind of broken, but when i put it in my laptop or bb 9900 it is working normally.

    your second thought will be that then the problem is in my Q10 but the original headset from my 9900 works flawlessly with my Q.

    I can use my 9900 headset for now. Maybe its not such a big deal. Its just that i like the Q10 headsets looks and feel over the 9900 one.

    so if there is a simple solution to this, let me know!

    11-18-14 07:26 AM
  2. joewoo's Avatar
    ive had this problem before.. but all I did was order another headset... good luck tryin to figure that out
    11-18-14 07:44 AM
  3. Joshu42's Avatar
    When you connect your headset to your computer and move gently the cable near the jack, did you have audio cuts ?

    Next thing to check is pretty simple, use a needle to clean the jack port bottom of the Q10. A small piece of dust is enough to give you trouble with the provided headset.
    11-18-14 08:15 AM
  4. Bart kouwenberg's Avatar
    No it is strange.. No cuts at all.. Working flawless!

    did use a needle to clean the port. Can't say something improved.
    11-21-14 09:20 AM

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