1. brdl04's Avatar
    Ok, I know it technically doesn't but hear me out:

    I don't have a Z10 but looking at the pictures, when the Z10 keyboard is open it takes up roughly 40% of the screen real estate which translates to roughly 2.6in of usable screen that is not covered by a keyboard. The Q10 should then theoretically in some cases have a larger screen than the z10. If there is someone out there with more info than I or perhaps both devices and can comment that would be great. If not, then my theory might be true!
    03-14-13 09:13 PM
  2. machoman1337's Avatar
    Depending on the exact percentage of the screen that's usable when the Z10's keyboard pops up, your theory might be true.

    The Q10 has 720 vertical pixels.

    The Z10 has 1280 - and if the keyboard occupies 40%, then 60% = 768 pixels remaining. Slightly higher than 720. In this case, no.

    But if the actual number is 50%, then only 640 pixels would be usable when the keyboard pops up - in this case the Q10 would have more usable vertical space.
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    03-14-13 09:19 PM
  3. billsterjito's Avatar
    I have to say that the Z10's keyboard does not cover 50% of the screen. I'm willing to go with 40%m

    CB10 App, Z10
    03-14-13 09:22 PM
  4. brdl04's Avatar
    I didn't factor in pixel count but inch ratio which is incorrect I realize, but an interesting observation none the less ?
    03-14-13 09:24 PM
  5. machoman1337's Avatar
    I didn't factor in pixel count but inch ratio which is incorrect I realize, but an interesting observation none the less ?
    You aren't really incorrect. Size is size. However when it comes to how it affects what displays onscreen, then resolution is what you should look at. If it's physically bigger but has fewer usable pixels then the size provides no advantage.
    03-14-13 09:29 PM
  6. retomex's Avatar
    You're forgetting about word suggestions on Q10's screen. That will make it smaller...

    I'm impatient. I might get a Z10 when it's finally available in my country although I promised myself to wait for the Q10...
    03-14-13 11:13 PM
  7. Bbnivende's Avatar
    In my view a wider screen is a more useful screen because you have a little more room to expand the font.
    03-14-13 11:19 PM
  8. geo1nah2a's Avatar
    Resolution wise Z10's available screen (when keyboard is shown) is bigger 768*755 (cropping from a screenshot) vs Q10's 720*720
    Screen surface of the Z10(when keyboard is shown) is smaller at 5.49*5.40mm vs Q10 (If next word predictions are removed/able) 5.57*5.57mm

    * all of the above are not actual measurements. They are the result of calculations based on announced sizes/screen captures.
    03-15-13 02:43 AM
  9. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Hahaha, the OP is actually right and I see where he's coming from but this is only when you open the keyboard on the Z10 or any other full-touch device. The bonus is with the full-touch devices is that once you put away the software keyboard, you get to use the full screen to browse, view web pages, etc.

    Fingers crossed for a future QWERTY device with a taller screen.
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    03-15-13 10:23 AM
  10. LordCrankypants's Avatar
    Remember though that when the keyboard is up it doesn't change the overall screen resolution of the phone, and everything where the screen really matters are spots where you aren't using the keyboard. The ppi will still be larger on the Z10 regardless of whether the keyboard it up.

    But yeah, keyboard definitely doesn't take up half the screen.


    Posted via CB10
    03-16-13 03:59 PM
  11. canderson85's Avatar
    ... it's still a screen if it has a touchscreen keyboard on it....

    Posted via CB10
    03-17-13 12:14 AM

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