1. Clint74's Avatar
    Went to my local AT&T store and just check out the Z10(really nice phone) anyway while I was playing with Z10 I ask the sales person if he had any idea when the Q10 will be available? The salesmen said they pushed it back because of a hardware issue(didnt say how long the push back was) has anybody else heard of this?
    04-03-13 04:54 AM
  2. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I wouldn't believe this. Maybe he was talking about an earlier initial start, at least when taking a look at Thors words last year, one could get the idea we'd already have the Q10 in the shelves by now. BBRY tweeted and posted on FB some hints regarding an April launch for the Q10 and we are seeing first video (p)reviews of obviously finalized hardware.

    In short: No, I do not think there will be a delay due to a last minute hardware issue. I'd also take most things salespersons say with a grain of salt.
    04-03-13 05:32 AM
  3. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    I've come to find that a lot of ATT reps have a habit of misinforming customers in regards to BlackBerry. I can't count the times I've asked questions that I've already had the answer to just to see what the rep would say.
    04-03-13 08:21 AM

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